unique melody
  1. Unique Melody Maven

    Unique Melody Maven

    Utilizing techniques only made possible with the latest in 3D-printing technologies, our all-new ultra-thin titanium housing’s micro-structures creates and extremely durable shell while maintaining an incredibly light weight and intricate face plate design. To create the Maven, Unique Melody...
  2. DrumSeb

    Effect audio+ Unique Melody V2 bundle price

    SOLD Im selling in a bundle for a really good price my Effect Audio Leonidas 4wires mix with 4 wires thor 4.4mm ended but i will add a purrsound short adapter 4.4mm to 2.5mm (cost125$) Special edition cable worth 1400$.. And Unique Melody maestro V2 iem Universal. Selling for over 1200$...
  3. DrumSeb

    JH audio Roxanne custom

    I have a Roxanne upgrade to the 2, With Moon-audio black dragon cable 2.5mm with black Dragon adapter 2.5mm to 3.5mm single ended. Also come with a Original cable, never used. Im asking 700$ US Thanks
  4. Carlsan

    Unique Melody MASON - 12 driver earphone that came out for Japanese market -accepting BEST OFFER

    Selling a used pair of the original MASON. This is a 12 driver earphone that came out for the Japanese market. These come with the round circular earphone holder, the regular cable, plus a balanced cable. Also includes an extra earphone case and some tips. Photos include everything you will get...
  5. Joe Tan

    Aaw W900

    Hi selling Aaw W900 iem SOLD ! Includes shipping anywhere and paypal fee. ***They are universal so don't need to re-shell . Condition is mint cause seldom use them cause of work. So decide to sell them. Comes with Null Audio Ethos spc cable and NullAudio case , 3 set of form tip , 3 set of...
  6. CFGamescape

    Unique Melody ME.1

    I purchased these from MusicTeck (U.S. retailer for UM) back in December 2017; it's still under the one-year warranty. Never transported, used exclusively at work (clean, corporate environment). If I had to guess, these have about 600 hours on them. Reason for selling: Want to use funds for...
  7. Vibarthe

    Unique Melody Miracle

    I bought them from Acustoms when I was living in Australia for $1100, in june 2015, I never really used them as I have other headphones,I would say I have used them between 50-100 hours not more than that. These need to be re-shelled by the buyer. What is included: The original box and a...
  8. Unique Melody 3DD-Ti

    Unique Melody 3DD-Ti

    At last, the 3DD makes its triumphant return! So what you will about the pros and cons of dynamic drivers, but there's just the special something about it that always brings music lovers back to it. With the all new 3DD-Ti, UM bring you the beauty of dynamic driver technologies in spades! The...
  9. scott1

    Sold Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEMs

    Up for sale are my Unique Melody ME.1 universal IEM's. I was lucky enough to have won these in a drawing back in January this year. These things look and sound amazing and I do have all the original boxes and packaging as well. Aesthetically, everything is in perfect condition as new other than...
  10. Cotnijoe

    Unique Melody Announcements, Impressions, & More

    UPDATES: Unique Melody Mirage and Maven Announcement! (Post 320) Unique Melody 3DD-Ti Announcement! (Post 213) North America Tour Info. (Post 106) European Tour Info. (Post 129) 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration (Post 35) Hi Everyone. Lawrance with Unique Melody here. We have quite a...
  11. Unique Melody Mentor V3

    Unique Melody Mentor V3

    The Mentor V3 and Mason V3 are 4-way, 5-bore design with 4 sound tubes and 1 bore designed for tuning module. The Module provides acoustic dampening, pressure attenuation, and real-time low frequency adjustment. Each bore is reinforced with a rigid metal tube to ensure structural stability and...
  12. Unique Melody Mason V3

    Unique Melody Mason V3

    The Mentor V3 and Mason V3 are 4-way, 5-bore design with 4 sound tubes and 1 bore designed for tuning module. The Module provides acoustic dampening, pressure attenuation, and real-time low frequency adjustment. Each bore is reinforced with a rigid metal tube to ensure structural stability and...
  13. ronCYA

    How to order SE530x6 or SE530x8 upgrade mod

    I have an old pair of Shure SE530's lying around (cables died after ~6 months) and after losing my regular TTPOD T1-E's it's time to get them working again. I live in Australia and hope to reshell the SE530 to have Custom mold Removable cables Added drivers for x6 or x8 upgrade I've read that...
  14. lmfboy01

    More Myriad items UM Melody, etc.......

    random headphone hybrid 1ba+1dd - $15 MORE STUFF! Some items to sell are : Please check ebay, I have various items to sell other than here. Or if you need pics, Let me know! UM Unique Melody Miracle Universal IEM - $650...
  15. C

    Help me pick: Unique Melody, Lear or other CIEM for my needs?

    Hey guys, I am looking for my first CIEM (China/HK brand preferred) and hoping you guys could help me pick a winner. Budget: $1000 to $1200 Music I listen to: (mainly instrumentals when possible) Mainly- Dubstep, Chillstep, Hip Hop, Trance, Rap. I also like some- Metal, Punk, Rock, Oldies...
  16. FastAndClean

    Unique Melody ME 1 impressions thread

    post your impression of the new Unique Melody ME1 planar magnetic in ear headphones here first look at the Unique Melody ME1 Planar magnetic earphones pics
  17. Unique Melody ME1

    Unique Melody ME1

    The rise and success of planar magnetic drivers in personal audio doesn’t come as a surprise – the precision in driver control that the technology offers allows for phenomenal audio fidelity. For many years, the challenge has been overcoming the hurdles of scaling the technology down to fit in...
  18. Ricky64

    Unique Melody ME.1 Planar IEM

    Just learned of this. Can we start getting some chatter? Is it an Audeze challenger?
  19. prscustom

    SOLD : [EU] UM Unique Melody Mentor Universal *PRICE DROP

    For sale are UM Mentor 10driver iems, successors of UM Miracles review: https://www.head-fi.org/f/showcase/unique-melody-um-mentor-v2-universal-um-logo.22155/ I have to leave these with a heavy heart to get something cheaper for sports, the shell is cracked, but all damages are cosmetic, it...
  20. Smousesme

    BIG PRICE DROP: Unique Melody Maverick

    Hi, for sale I've got my old go to iems. They're 1 and a half years old. Got about 500 hours use. There's a crack on the right earpiece (unoticeable). See the pics, I've tried to capture the crack. All accessories included, with a pair of M spin fit eartips. Shipping (up to £20) is on me...
  21. Unique Melody Martian

    Unique Melody Martian

    Drivers: 2 6.8mm Dynamic drivers Low, 1 BA driver Mid, 1 BA driver High Crossover: 3 way Frequency response: 10Hz – 18,000Hz Sensitivity (at 1kHz): 110dB spl Impedance: 28.1 ohm Noise isolation: -26dB Note: Unique Melody does not offer reshell services for getting the Martian into customs.
  22. nmatheis

    Unique Melody Martian: UM's New 2DD + 2BA Universal-only IEM

    I just saw Unique Melody announced a brand new universal-only IEM, a 2DD + 2BA Hybrid called Martian. Curious to see what you guys think and hopefully get some impressions rolling in soon! LINK to announcement on UM's Facebook page. Here's the announcement: "THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Unique...
  23. Unique Melody UM Maestro 12 driver IEM

    Unique Melody UM Maestro 12 driver IEM

    12 driver / 4 way crossover Universal IEM
  24. xaddictionx

    Unique Melody Maestro

    Seems like Unqiue Melody is embarking on a new flagship! Any news on this?
  25. Unique Melody Miracle

    Unique Melody Miracle

    Flagship 6 driver custom in ear monitor