1. juhua

    FS:Triad Audio L3

    Triad Audio L3 Have both metal and wood cases for L3   I want to sell them simply because I want to try desktop amp.   Free CONUS Shipping
  2. magiccabbage


    Was wondering what is the cream of the crop when it comes to portable headphone amps. I have sennheiser hd280 pro, hd 595 and hd 650. Usually dont take them outside the house but i just bought the cowon j3. I have read a lot about fiio e11 and e17. I also seen the electric avenue pa2v2 ranked at...
  3. DavidR

    IPhone Amp...which one?

    I'm upgrading my IEM from UE SuperFi 5 to a pair of Shure SE425.  My search for higher music quality from my Iphone lead me to wanting some form of amp to further improve the sound quality.   My question is, which one?  I'm lost.  I listen to music 5-7 hours a day, in a typical office.  I...
  4. Luminette

    Leaving portable hifi - it's too silly

    The purpose of this post is to be educational Let's get to the summit of my portable (if it can even be called that anymore) hifi experience - An iMod with an External v-cap dock (higher grade than the ALO portable v-cap) powered by either iQube or SR-71A, with a pair of APS V3 recabled...
  5. h1a8

    L3 LOD vs. fiio e1

    I have an ipod touch 4g and ordered a fiio e11. I declined on getting the regular L3 LOD line out cord since I had a L3 fiio e1. But when I thought about it the regular L3 LOD might give a even cleaner output while draining less battery.   Which one is better to get and why?   And what...
  6. Blasto_Brandino

    LISA III Killers....

    Alright, before I ruffle any Lisa III owners feathers, I would just like to say I own a LISA III XP W/ LLP I bought it new and I paid full pop ($1,000) AND I have preordered the L3 for $$$ So I'm feeling it too. It has been what, 3, 4 years? The Lisa III was king for a while, but there are new...
  7. Aulos

    Amp suggestions - cheap and small

    New to Hi-fi - been lurking for about a week or two - although lurking suggests I was much more laid back in my reading. Anyway...   Will be getting some ATH M50s soon, but the portable I plan to use it with, my 4th gen iPod Nano, is a little ****ed up. The audio jack doesn't work. So I'll...
  8. FasterX

    Narrowing down options

    I have a budget of $450.00  for some things that I want.   1. Closed back for bassy things 2. Open back for gaming and mid/high things 3. IEMs for on the go etc 4. Amp   What I have so far is   1. M50s 2. Grado SR60is OR ATH-AD700s 3. ??? 4. E7 + L3 (for iPhone)  ...
  9. autarch1

    Triad Audio L3 power supply

    I just pre ordered an L3 from Triad audio and I realized that I need a power supply. I tried to get a recommendation by combing through these forums, but most of the items mentioned were either for the Lisa III or are no longer made.   I was researching Elpac products but I get confused with...
  10. giveup


  11. BattleBrat

    Triad Audio L3 VS. Triad Audio LISA III XP; a Brief Comparison

    The L3 is HERE! LONG overdue, this anticipated amp has finally started shipping! But is it better than its predecessor, the LISA III? In this comparison I will tackle that question. I will be comparing the two amps in multiple attributes. There will be no point score, no stars, no "golden...
  12. Cybeldine

    My starter setup and give me some recommendations?

    Hello. I'm a new member in this forum and I've only taken interest in audio quality, about 1 month ago.    My current use is: Audio Technica ATH Pro700 (NOT the MK2!) Apple Ipod Touch  or Galaxy Tab (7 Inch) or Iphone 3G   Music bitrate: 320kbps Genres: mainly DJ stuff <---...
  13. vincent33

    ALO RX2 or IQUBE, which one has a wider soundstage and higher resolution for clarity?

    The RX2 simply fits the IMOD perfectly for it size (and its price is more affordable too), whereas the iqube looks a bit bulky to me and the input plug is not at a very good location for the V2 LOD cable... I tried Iqube and it sounds appealing to me but actually I prefer rechargeble built-in...
  14. imackler

    Buying Heaphone/Amp (and maybe dac) set up: When does an Ipod Classic no longer make sense?

    My situation: I have an Ipod Classic (90% lossless and 10% 320) and have had several upper level iems (Se535/W4/ER4P/IE8). I've never owned a line out, amp, dac, or full sized headphones. I want to buy my first desk top amp and full sized headphones (pretty much decided on the HD600).   ...
  15. Speedv1

    Cases for the Fiio E7?

    Hey guys,   I'm curious - for those of you who own a Fiio E7 do you have a case for it? I'm trying to figure out a belt clip kind of thing and so far I've found an ok-sized case and cut-out holes for the screen and such. Anyone have anything better?   -Steve.
  16. blitzraider

    The Best Portable Amp EVER!

    If I have no choice but to use a portable amp, what would be the best amp for full-sized headphones, assuming money's no object?   Like I mean the absolute best, even if it costs a leg or something.   Thanks
  17. Camomille

    Portable Amp to run a HD650

    I started a topic in the "headphones" section to ask for a good "cans + portable amp combination", but so far I've realised that i'm just and only attracted by the HD650, so I figured out it'd be better that I post in the Portable Cans Amps section to consult the specialists:   What portable...
  18. FreeBlues

    Lisa III (Triad Audio) - Update

    Like many of us here, I read with interest of new amps and other gear, always hoping to get the "next great thing" that will take my music listening to a higher level. Also like others here, I sometimes fall for the flavor of the month hype and purchase new gear, expectations high, then discover...
  19. Currawong

    [VIDEO] Portable High-end Headphone Amp Guide

    I made this in November 2012 so it is 9 months out of date! However, I thought I'd put it up anyway after editing it to see if people would enjoy it.    I plan to do a more up-to-date version of the video later this year, likely after the October Tokyo headphone festival.     The...
  20. playingwithfire

    Fiio L3

    Hey guys, I've been digging around the internet and couldn't find anywhere in the us that sells the L3? So besides that one guy from Dublin on eBay, is there anywhere else that stocks the L3(or if you want to sell me one)? No luck with either mp4 nation nor head-direct.   Thanks guys!
  21. bixby

    FS: Fiio L-3 Line Out Dock Cable - Great Shape - Free Shipping PRICE DROP

    Fiio L-3 Line out dock cable - great shape - Free Shipping in the Continental United States.   No trades or out of US sales or shipments.   I will also eat the paypal fees.
  22. xtreme4099

    Got a little listening time with the Triadaudio L3 w/Pics aka Lisa3 Lite

    Got a little listening time with the Triadaudio L3 w/Pics aka Lisa3 Lite   My quick impression:   The  bass is more prominent even with the bass contours down on both the Lisa's, slight roll off near the top, Phil mentioned this is to accommodate IEMs, but your highs are there even more...
  23. ken6217

    Amp for Earsonics SM3, Otofon EQ&, Sony EX1000

    Hi, I am looking for a very good portable amp for Earsonics SM3, Otofon, EQ7, and Sony EX1000.   Thanks in advance, Ken
  24. Triad Audio L3

    Triad Audio L3

    THIS NEW Amplifier from TRIAD Audio takes the Legendary LISA III circuit and Packages it into a smaller more Versatile Amp. First, we replaced the ¼” Headphone jack with a 1/8” Stereo Mini jack to use IEM type Headphones. In addition, another 1/8” Mini jack Input located next to the headphone...