1. Fungus

    Is the JDS O2 comparable to the Triad Audio Lisa L3?

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison?    I previously owned a Portaphile 627 which was said to be comparable to the L3 but I didn't find it much better than my Fiio E11.  
  2. ClarinetsRock

    New to portable amps

    Hello All!   I am new to portable amplifiers and I am currently saving up for some really nice headphones from Sennheiser.    I heard that most computers will drive these no problem, but a mobile device like an Mp3 player or CD player or phone will not drive them as well.    I was...
  3. Lillee

    Triad Audio L3 / LLP combo PRICE DROP

    I have been offered an Amp/Dac combo that I cannot refuse so I regretfully have to sell my Triad Audio L3 amp. It comes with upgraded batteries which will make it last about 16 hours on a single charge. This little beast sounds excellent for a portable with plenty of power. A gain switch means...
  4. musicmaker

    Triad Audio L3

    If you have a Lisa III ( L3 ) amp in great condition for sale, please PM me. W
  5. klfl

    Triad Audio L3 with Lisa Labs Power supply

    For sale is a unit of l3 amplifier with lisa lab power supply purchased in jan 2013. First owner, unit in mint condition and fully functional. Comes with all original stuff and box.   Only paypal will be accepted and buyer will be responsible for shipping and paypal fee. No international...
  6. Trendkill

    Fiio L3 for Ipod

    I have a gently used L3 for Ipod that I would like to sell. $10 shipped conus. Anywhere else might be extra. PayPal only. The Turtle Beach USB is not part of the deal. My apologies if there was any confusion. SOLD


    Price includes charger & RCA cable (bought separately, not included when purchased new), Paypal and express postage within Australia only. Sounds great, I just don't use it often enough to justify having it. It has only 30-40 hours of use and has been stored in a Pelican case I will post photos...
  8. Tiltman

    Triad Audio L3 Portable Amp

    I have for sale a Triad Audio L3 portable amp.  This amp is in great condition and has less than 60 hours.  I will include a power supply adapter with the amp.  No trades.  This is priced to sell!  Buyer is responsible for shipping charges.  I will only accept paypal as payment.  If you would...
  9. Ericed8

    Triad audio L3 or Iqube V3?

    Hi, guys My source is rwa Imod. My headphone is ED8. Which one is better for Imod? L3 or Iqube V3? Thank you for help.
  10. mitsu763

    Triad Audio L3

    Selling my Triad Audio L3. It comes with the original wood case AND the new metal case. It will also come with a US wall wart charger. As new condition. Price includes Express Post shipping anywhere in the world and also the Paypal fee. Thanks!  
  11. AndrewG

    Triad L3 black

    Great condition, it is in the black enclosing but I'm including the wooden one as well. Includes charger
  12. autarch1

    Triad Audio L3 with Firestone power supply - SOLD

    I am parting with my much loved L3 so that I can purchase a desktop amp/dac combo.   I am the original owner of this amp. I purchased it in August of 2011. In November, I sent the amp in for a repair to an rca jack, and they replaced the entire amp board for me instead of repairing it - so...
  13. Currawong

    Triad Audio L3 with both wood and metal cases

    This cannot be sent to the United States due to it containing batteries.   One of the top portable amps priced to sell!   I bought this amp from an Australian Head-Fier at the end of last year. It came with a wood case but I later bought the metal case for it from Triad Audio.   ...
  14. juhua

    Triad audio L3

    Hi guys,   Recently, I heard this amp and I saw this amp has many great reviews, so I'm interested in it. Is anybody knew something about this amp's real ability and style?
  15. ujiko

    Triad Audio L3 Price Reducion

    This is my second L3. Selling to cover some unexpected bills. It is in like new condition except for s mall nick on the corner of the wood case (I have it in a photo). L3 is in the black case but I also have the wood case if you want to throw it on. The L3's sq is in the same league as home...
  16. ValentinHogea

    WTB: Triad Audio L3 (black)

    Hi!   If you have a L3 in black (blue is ok too, one should not be picky when it comes to more rare amps).   ...Let me know!   /V
  17. operamatt

    ADVICE NEEDED!!! Ray Samuels SR-71B, Triad Audio L3 or other?

    I currently am using a fostex hp-p1 and am about to drop the hammer on a separate portable amp to cover everything to the baddest planar magnetic to custom iems. I am open to suggestions. In my current state my top two contenders are the SR-71B and the Triad Audio L3. The iBasso D12 is...
  18. giveup

    Triad L3 portable headphone amp [SOLD]

    I have a mint condition triad audio L3 amp, working flawlessly. This is about half year old, but without any scratches. The case is a wooden case. I only have the amp, without any charger nor box, as these do not come from the package. This is the best portable headphones nowadays you can have...
  19. ValentinHogea

    Triad Audio L3 + LisaLabPower (incl. S&H + PP-fees) [EU only]

    A mint condition black Triad Audio L3 + Lisa Lab Power PSU/Charger. The set costs 1100 USD (= 865€) from Triad Audio excl. taxes and such. I'm looking for 630€ S&H and PP-fees included. IEC-cable not included (but, you probably have loads of these at home).   Why sell? Well the ALO Audio...
  20. BoxBoxBox

    Triad Audio L3

    pls PM to sell this to me
  21. Nirmalanow

    Looking for a Triad L3

    I am hoping to buy a Triad L3 so please pm me if you have one you wish to sell. Any color or cosmetic condition will be considered. And will consider it with or without the LL3 power pack, although I would prefer it to come with a simple battery charger.   Or as a trade, I might offer my...
  22. TC91

    Portaphile 627 vs. Triad Audio L3

    Anyone ever get the chance to compare both amps?  I'm looking for an endgame portable amp or solution.  Thanks in advance! :)
  23. SteveSatch

    WTT Fiio L9 LOD for L3 LOD

    Sorry no pic but it's in great shape.  L9 doesn't work well with my new Fiio E12.  I want to trade my L9 LOD for a L3 LOD. Thanks, Steve
  24. Dogmatrix

    Firestone Audio, Fireye HD Impressions

    Just ordered the new Fireye HD will post pics and first impressions as soon as it arrives   Cant find much of a mention apart from a short reference to a prototype   Anybody already have one ?   Anybody want one ?
  25. F

    Triad Audio L3 + LLP ordering

    Hi.  I ordered this on their website on 8-30-12 and still haven't received it.  I e-mailed Brad from Triad Audio but he hasn't returned my e-mail.  I'm starting to get worried that it might not be coming. Does anybody have any experience with ordering from Triad Audio?  If so, is a long...