1. DoctorKenya

    Soul SL99?

    Ok I have been look for a good pair of earbuds for quite a while and when I heard about these I brushed them off as being the same sort of thing as beats by dre, but from what I hear they can hold their own against som respectable earbuds out there. At only $60 from amazon I was wondering if...
  2. livejamie

    Velodyne vPulse vs Soul SL99

    Wondering what the best bang/bass for my buck is- I have found lots of reviews about each IEM respectively but nothing that compares the two, so I'm not sure which one is the better bet.   Thanks!
  3. Rnich34

    Soul by ludacris sl99

    I ended up getting this for $50. If I paid full price I would have passed. I figured they would be easy enough to sell if I don't like them. I was going to pay a little extra and try the sl150s. But decided that iems were higher on my need list since I have dt770s already. Anybody used these? I...
  4. xxfirefurryxx

    SL99 VS Monster Turbines

    I have a quick question, I want to get a pair of IEM's because I don't want to lug around my big over-ears everywhere. I want to know how these sound. I listen to mostly EDM, if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  5. chevy454

    Narrowed down suggestions...Now what?

    Since I made my first post I been searching for the right type of IEM' s for my music style. I'm a complete bass head that loves clarity. I never would have thought it was this hard to make a decision on good IEM's. My friend swears his beats pro are best around. So I made a list of the top...
  6. chevy454

    IEM for clarity and BASS

    Hey guys i was told to come here for good advice. Im looking for some good quality earbuds for my andriod phone. Ihopewhat im looking for is not to picky but here goes..I listen to mostly rap so they have to have loud/deep bass with a mic and volume control. I also want the option to change the...
  7. Korean

    Loudest Bass IEM

    Hey all, I need some help deciding which IEM's to buy. I would like the absolute [B]loudest[B] bass I can get when plugged into my iPhone. I recently lost my Audio-Technica CKS-77's and decided I needed something with louder bass. My price range is around $100, and some IEM's I've found from...
  8. Bassheadspl

    Please help a basshead out?

    Hi, because i am a basshead, i went for the jvc fx1x and hate the bass on them its bloated, muddy, not much sub bass, more mid bass. I am after low sub bass that moves your eardrums, so what do you recommend?   Also the JVC fx1x don't vibrate your eardrums, which i though it would, so i am...
  9. W

    SoundMAGIC E10's? Vs. Klipsch Image S4's?

    Hey guys,   So I have Klipsch Image S4's and they are awesome.  I want new in-ear earphones though, and I've been looking around and I've seen that SoundMAGIC E10's are the best for around £35.  I listen to dubstep so I would love lots of bass, and the E10's have reportedly amazing bass.  ...
  10. lebomb

    I switched over to Cans from IEMs........... you???

    I had used IEMs for the last 10yrs, but I finally realized that they bothered my ears after a couple of hours of use.  All of them made my ears hurt after awhile.  I dealt with it, and loved the sound of good IEMs, but the pain finally took its toll.  Anyhow, have any of you all made the switch...
  11. SOUL by Ludacris SL99 High-Def Sound Isolation In-Ear Headphones (Silver)

    SOUL by Ludacris SL99 High-Def Sound Isolation In-Ear Headphones (Silver)

    The SL99 provides a superior quality, full-range listening experience in a state-of-the-art, in-ear design. On the road or at work on your iPad, the SL99 is expertly built to complement any lifestyle.