1. 50SEVEN

    Third person opinion on some headphone choices.

    Hello, Currently I am in the market for a new pair of headphones, a pair in which I can carry around with me outside of my house. Currently I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600s, and I must say I absolutely love them! However, they are 300Ω headphones and therefor need some form of amplification...
  2. ScumbagBrain123

    New rapper cans out there, I feel hesitant about these (New SMS audio headphones)

    So SMS Audio just released some new "DJ Pro" headphones, and I'm curious to see how they compare to their previous releases. InnerFidelity seemed like he really did not like the sound quality on the older ones, especially the wireless ones. However, and hear me out, sometimes the more popular...
  3. HiFiHeadFoneGuy

    Soul Sl150 or Street On-ear by 50 cent

    I'm trying to help my cousin out on headphones and he wanted one of these 2. The street on ear by 50 cent o the soul sl150
  4. HiFiHeadFoneGuy

    Noontec Zoro vs Soul SL150

    So after i made a purchase of my Noontec Zoros, my cousin started wanted headphones. So he likes mine but he also wants to consider the Soul SL150. So basically the title says it all.
  5. DarthBane93

    Mixr vs Studio question

    Before I get flamed by all the beats hating (with good reason) audiophiles in here, allow me to preface this by saying I know that beats are terrible headphones for the price and that there are indeed much better out there. I do in fact own a pair of v-moda M-80's which are some of the best...
  6. cpierc20

    Grado SR80i vs Soul SL150CB

    Looking for a solid pair of headphones for around $100. I had pretty much settled on the Grado SR80i until I saw amazon had the Soul SL 150CB for $65. I would never pay $200 for the Soul as I realize they are primarily designed to cash in on the mass marketed Beats style headphones, but 65$ is a...
  7. sang3r

    Beats pro for 80$ or audio technica ath-m50 for 120$?

    I'm well aware that the sound quality on the m50's are superior. However, is the 200$ pricetag really the deterrent from people buying beats? Is the sound quality really so much better that it would be worth me spending an extra 40$ to pick up the m50s? I can grab the beats through my job for...
  8. anto9100

    high bass headphone

    im look for high bass headphones, with large amounts of bass,and not worred about clarliy, willing to spend $500 for a good set, any recommendations?
  9. Xamanus

    Ludacris SL150 vs Beats vs you guys recommend ?

    Hi!    I have never bought expensive headphones, This will be my first time!   Well i need good headphone for college, not professionally, just something that looks really nice and great sound quality. I liked the beats but then for $180 were crap and anyway its way to common these days...
  10. Chezzy79

    Is Sennheiser Amperior nothing but a Senn's attempt to give Beats/SOL/Soul run for their money?

    According to Senn website, the Apple store is the only exclusive dealer allowed to sell the Amperiors (  for $350, which is $150 more than the retail price of HD25-1-ii, and $225 more than the refurbished price sold by...
  11. Audio-Phile

    For The Love of God...Do Not Buy Souls

    Happened to be in Best Buy today, and of course they have Souls front and center, flanking the Bose display with the Beats on the other side.  Talk about a trainwreck.  Anyway, I figured I'd give them a chance, how bad can they be? (that was a dumb question).  I barely made it 30 seconds into...
  12. Hey Meng

    Help Finding the Right Headphones

    Hey Head-Fi. I've lurked here for a bit and decided to make an account today to ask opinions. I'm not an audiophile like many of you here. I think the Beats look awesome and think everyone wearing them looks cool. I'm 16 if that puts it into an perspective. but that's not what this thread is...
  13. afinch1992

    SOUL by Ludacris Headphones...

    The SOUL by Ludacris line debuts with the High Definition Professional SL300. Powered Noise Cancelling headphone, High Definition On-Ear models SL150 and SL100, and the SE99 and SE49 High Definition In-Ear headphones. The entire line contains professionally voiced sound technology with advanced...
  14. CodeNameMLs

    Soul by Ludacris

    Just announced. Anyone have early production, or hear them yet?
  15. turnjet

    Newbie looking for headphones just tried the Soul SL150/SL300, AH-D2000 & Sony XB300/500/1000

      I've been reading these forums for over a week now and thought I'd join up and tell you guys how it went listening to a bunch of headphones today. I live in Hong Kong.   I started out with the AH-D2000 and straight away liked the focus on bass. The cups were comfortable and I found them...
  16. ChalupaKing

    Souls by Ludacris - Beat by Dr. Dre parody?

    Are these worth any look at? It looks like someone is trying to dig into the Beats market, it even kind of looks like them.
  17. HeadphonesCom reviews Soul by Ludacris

        Hey all, DavidMahler here... We've received a lot of PMs and emails asking us to review the new Soul by Ludacris headphone line.  Here by popular demand is the first of many reviews:)     *a preface for audiophiles When reviewing the Soul line, I am hesitant to make...
  18. sinphase

    Soul Headphones by Ludacris

    Has anyone sampled anything from that line? Just by looking at the pictures they look pretty cool and sturdy, the glossy finish seems like an oil magnet though. I think they can compete with the beats if they were more marketed and had better celebrity endorsement, it's crazy how beats are...
  19. Extreme01459

    Suggestions for a fashionable sub $200 bass-heavy/fun portable headphones?

    As the title says I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones with these requirements:   * Less than $200   * Aesthetically pleasing (to wear out in public, on college campus, and such)   * I mainly listen to k-pop with the occasional hip-hop, pop, and dubstep   * I'm bass lover myself...
  20. Jasonhunterx

    ATH-M50S and ATH -M50

    is there a diffrence i see on the headphone rank at they have different ranks    ...
  21. RevAmped

    Soul SL150

    Has anyone seen Amazon's price on the souls recently? At $60 They actually make a bit of sense. Hopefully the trend will catch on to other Celeb headphones...
  22. SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphones (Black/Chrome)

    SOUL by Ludacris SL150CB High-Definition On-Ear Headphones (Black/Chrome)

    Ready to take you from the DJ booth to the skyways with high performance sound, the SL150 is a sleek and comfortable option for any professional or avid music lover looking for a powerful and precise audio mix experience on the go.