1. boblt29

    SMSL sap II or Nuforce Icon HDP

    I got this amp a few months ago, and it's my only amp as of now (I just kinda got into listening to music with high quality headphones, amps).  To me, for the money I paid, it was worth $65 definitely. I'm probably getting Nuforce HDP for my Sennheiser HD650 though, because it seems like it...
  2. peranders

    TPA6120A2 best headphone amp in the world? Check out this IC! Anybody who has come near this IC? 0.00014% THD + N 120 dB S/N
  3. huddy

    Q701 DAC + AMP for my computer

    Hi   I realise there's probably quite a few threads around talking about this, but I still seem to be undecided what I should go for I think mainly because a lot of the suggestions were not based on experience (i.e people who had actually owned the 701s and the DAC/AMP they were...
  4. dwthewhiteness

    Can the Hifiman HE-500's be driven by a Creative ZxR sound card's headphone amp?

    Hello all, and thanks in advance for the help. I recently ordered the HE-500's, and am trying to decide whether I should keep them or not. The card's specs are here:   In short, the card has a 600 ohm 80mw headphone amp, the...
  5. mendiola

    Chipamp vs Cmoy

    I have a lm4880 headphone amplifier and I want to know if a cmoy with an opamp opa2134 will sound better than a lm4880 or a TPA152 chips ?
  6. ClieOS

    Creative Sound blaster E5 - Headphone amp + USB DAC with OTG + Toslink + aptX + recording + more.

    Just received the press release of this and I thought some of you will be interested as the spec seems very promising.   TI's TPA6120A2 as headphone amp Cirrus Logic CS4398 as DAC OTG support for iOS and Android Bluetooth with aptX and AAC support Line in and out Optical in and out Dual...
  7. DeMoN1123


  8. MrSlim

    per-anders has a group buy on diyaudio for a rev of his TPA6120a amp, the QRV09

    It looks like a new/improved version of the QRV07. For anyone interested in trying out one of his amps, this is a good chance to get one of his boards relatively cheaply(QRV07 boards on his site are 300SEK(~$47), vs 80SEK($12.65) for the QRV09 group buy boards.    I am not affiliated with...
  9. Avro_Arrow

    The TPA6120A2 mounting thread

    I've seen many creative methods of mounting this chip properly.   Here is my suggestion: Thermally conductive adhesive.   In my previous employment as an Engineering Technician it was my responsibility to cobble together test equipment. One of my pieces for testing laptop computer...
  10. Brando

    TPA6120A2 based amp for Denon AH-D7000?

    I've been talking with harman kardon about their hk 990 integrated amplifier to make sure the headphone out will be an upgrade from the one in my hk 3490 and they told me it uses the TPA6120A2.  I looked up the specs on google and it looks really high end but I saw some posts about it not being...
  11. 00940

    TPA6120a2, once again

    I'm trying to lay a small board for a tpa6120a2, just the amp board, no onboard PS, no pot. Here's a first attempt, at 50*50mm, dual sided. It's heavily based on jcx's suggestions in various threads.   Some comments:   - to ease layout and bypassing, the power supply is provided seperately...
  12. karlsonklam

    matching transformers to improve voltage swing into higher Z loads? which inexpensive amps can swing 250 ohm loads to high spl levels?

    I have S.M.S.L.'s TPA6120A2 based amp and consider it a neutral and excellent value but seems to be lacking on voltage swing into 250 ohm Koss 4aat cans.  Using a well - recorded drumkit,Tthis amp can't reach the eye-blink level peak on the snare which comes easy with lower impedance...
  13. Hallonsaft

    Amp/Dac for Dt 770 pro 80 ohm

    Hello there people :)   Bought a pair of dt 770s a week ago and have been using them with Fiio e11 since I've been on the road.Now however I'm back home and when I plug them into my pc the sound is so weak,I can have high volumes but the sound is "empty" Don't really know how to explain this...
  14. kefalo81

    asus xonar dx and grado sr80i, good combination ?

    asus xonar dx and grado sr80i headphones i have offer to buy new asus xonar dx sound card for 62 euro. i allready have grado sr80i headphones. on my motherboard i have only pci-e slots can i get quality sound with this combination does dolby effects ruin sound quality on headphones...
  15. Headzone

    Cheap ebay 6120A2 amps - any experience with these?

    HA INFO mini-ear Headphone Amplifier 6.35mm headphone socket for 16-600Ω Hi-Fi headphones Power output: 1000MW ( 32 ohms ), 300MW ( 120 Ω), 150MW ( 250 ohms )     SMSL...
  16. SMSL sApII TPA6120A2 Big Power High Fidelity Stereo Headphone Amplifier Golden

    SMSL sApII TPA6120A2 Big Power High Fidelity Stereo Headphone Amplifier Golden

    FEATURES 80 mW into 600¦¸ From a ¡À12-V Supply at 0.00014% THD + N Current-Feedback Architecture Greater than 120 dB of Dynamic Range SNR of 120 dB Output Voltage Noise of 5 ?Vrms at Gain = 2 V/V Power Supply Range: ¡À5 V to ¡À15 V 1300 V/?s Slew Rate Differential Inputs Independent Power...