1. Alpina

    Why do I keep breaking my IEMs?

    Hi, so I bought Vsonic gr02be just for gym, and after 3 weeks of usage cable broke near the jack (when it moves, sound in one earphone disappears). Then I thought whatever, and took my gr07 mkii to gym and after 2 weeks they also broke in exact same place. So I got replacement for both of them...
  2. nevermind

    Sennheiser MX 300 vs MX 360 vs MX 460 vs MX 500 vs MX 560 vs MX 660 vs MX 760

    Well the title says it all... Sennheiser MX 300 vs MX 360 vs MX 460 vs MX500 vs MX 560 vs MX 660 vs MX 760.... Which one should I get? EDIT: CX 300 is another option... Please consider that too. But if you think CX 300 is better than all of the above, please tell me the best of the Mx...
  3. 3602

    AKG K319 earbuds impression

    Alright, someone did one before, but that was old. 319 is a rarely talked about 'bud... I returned my SRH840 due to my head being too big thank you, and walking around town into music stores gave me this. They had some 20 boxes, dusty, reduced to $60 (Canadian) from an original price of $100...
  4. beka

    Opinion on Sennheiser MX 560/580

    Hi all,   I only managed to find similar threads so here goes;   Bought the MX 560 and although their sound is superior to my iPod iBuds by far, the main reason why I've got a bit older model is because the MX 580 or similar newer models were not quite available.   So, any of you...
  5. SpecialJ

    Question about the Sennheiser MX560

    I'm in the market for a pair of affordable earbuds in the price range of <$50.   I was looking at some reviews of earbuds and most seem to agree that the Sennheiser MX760 was a great bang for buck earbud that was unfortunately discontinued in the states. However, I also read that the MX760...
  6. sennheiserrocks

    Beats Tour Review

    I just purchased some Beats Tours, and they're actually pretty decent.  Boomy bass, but pretty clear mids and highs.  Really snazzy design, and the cables really don't tangle.  However, the only thing that annoys me is that my ears are so small that even with the smallest tips, they still fall...
  7. Marlene

    HD-560 Earpads for HD-250 Linear?

    Finally!   I´ve just registered after reading for months and months through many informative posts here...   I have a question for starters and I hope I am posting this question in the right part of the forum. Anyway, I own a very old HD-250 Linear from Sennheiser. The headphone lay...
  8. vvvvvv

    Advice on Sennheiser earbuds please!

    Hi everyone. I have to buy new earbuds. However I don't have much experience with those, so I've recently read more topics about them here... yet most of them aren't updated so they don't entirely solve my issue. I'll try keeping this short, the only options I have available are those...
  9. Trysaeder

    A rant on cable design. UE I'm talking about you.

    Owning quite a few iems myself, I've had a bit of experience with all kinds of cables. But never UE before. I've tried the TF10 for a short time and found that ok, but now that I've bought a second hand SF5pro for recabling, I have the cable sitting right in front of me.   There are good...
  10. sennheiserrocks

    White Sennheiser MX560 same quality? Audio Technica C100M?

    Hi, I have a pair of Sennheiser MX560 right now.  The sound quality is fantastic, but I would really like a pair of white earphones that have the same quality (at around the same price).  Unfortunately, the Sennheisers don't come in white, only black or silver.  Any other headphones with the...
  11. sennheiserrocks

    Sennheiser MX 360 vs MX 460 vs MX 560

    I have the MX 560, but the MX 360 look a lot better and the MX 460 comes in white which is nice.  I want to switch to either the 360 or 460.  What's the quality difference like between them and the 560?
  12. Sennheiser MX 560 Earbuds with Cable Winder (Red)

    Sennheiser MX 560 Earbuds with Cable Winder (Red)

    The Sennheiser MX 560 earbuds are powerful, bass driven earphones featuring Sennheiser's innovative "Basswind" system for the best sound on the go. They are ideal for use with all MP3, CD, DVD players and portable gaming systems as well as feature a convenient cable winder and a carrying pouch...