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Opinion on Sennheiser MX 560/580

  1. beka
    Hi all,
    I only managed to find similar threads so here goes;
    Bought the MX 560 and although their sound is superior to my iPod iBuds by far, the main reason why I've got a bit older model is because the MX 580 or similar newer models were not quite available.
    So, any of you guys had experience with these two? Are the MX 580 any better mainly what the sound goes/more comfortable because of the smaller size?
    Replies and help appreciated!
  2. JK1
    I have both the MX560 and MX580. The MX560 is 32 ohms while the MX580 is 16 ohms. The MX560 is just a slight improvement over the MX400 and MX500 while the MX580 is significantly better than the MX560 in terms of detail, bass, highs and overall fidelity.  The one annoying thing about the MX580 is the inline volume control. It gets in the way, and when it is not at maximum, the volume level of the two channels can differ. Sennheiser should have left the volume control off the cord, but perhaps included a short extension cable with a volume control on it.

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