1. Virtue94

    Do all noise canceling headphones sound shrill during playback of a song with high vocals?

    I have a pair of Sennheiser MM 550 that I just bought and I noticed that when I turn on noise canceling, the headphones sound a bit shrill and painful to listen to when the song being played has high vocal sections. (Bluetooth was on by the way.) Is this characteristic of all headphones or...
  2. Virtue94

    Sennheiser MM 550, Denon NC800, or Nokia BH-905?

    I've been looking for a good pair of headphones for a while now but I can't decide on which headphone I should pick out of the three. I want bluetooth but it isn't a necessity which is why I added the Denons in there. Noise cancelling however, is. Please help me and if there are any good...
  3. kingpintps

    DEAL ALERT: Sennheiser MX 550 Earphones - £7.99 on

    Sennheiser MX 550 Earphones - £7.99 on (Down from £19.56)
  4. decaler

    Headphone amps

    Hi guys !   I am using an Xfi Titanium PCIE , wwich it's not a bad sound card . And i am using an Headset PC350 (maybe i will change it to 360) . And now it's all working perfect but i have heard that if i use an Ampli , i will get better perfomance (sound quality etc....) That's why i am...
  5. Trastui

    Sennheiser MM 550

    I'm wondering if someone has tested Sennheiser MM 550 travel headphones. They are new and the price is quite high so there is a chance that they are ok. I recently lost my PXC 450 on airport and I really liked those, so I'm especially interested in pros/cons compared to PXC450. But since I...
  6. tnastylax

    Suggestion on AMP/DAC?

    well im pretty new to the world of the audiophile and i am about to buy some headphones- ultrasone pro900 or sennheiser mm 500x. I was just reading about amplifiers and figured it was easier to just ask for suggestions and info.   ive seen alot about fiio products so i assume they are a good...
  7. lorafenik

    Phonon SMB-02 anyone?

    Did someone hear them? pzdr
  8. Sennheiser MM-550

    Sennheiser MM-550

    Noise canceling clarity – NoiseGard™ 2.0 reduces outside noise actively and lets users enjoy music in peace. Wireless freedom – Stereo Bluetooth® for hands-free convenience and optimized hi-fi stereo sound. TalkThrough – one press of a button turns on the external microphone so you can talk to...