1. promerc

    Best MP3 player for sound quality...?

       What MP3 players offer the best sound quality for a cheap price. I'm thinking around 32gb... Can I potentially buy a sandisk clip+ and replace the micro sd card with a 32gber? I heard the sound quality of these are pretty good for the price, but the highest they come in is 8gb I...
  2. vegetaleb

    I have a Samsung P3 am I crazy to get the Cowon J3?

    Ok so I have the Samsung P3 for more than a year and here are my comments: -Great quality sound when using EQ -Tiny screen for touch ending up 3 over 4 times with unwanted selection -Great BT to cell phone connection -Screen is NOT usable outdoor at all in sunny days -Fonts could be...
  3. gamer-33

    will the Samsung P3 pair well with the d4 and Klipsch S4

  4. High_Q

    Phones with good built in mp3 player

    Any good recommendations?  Is this even a good idea?  Wouldn't the phone circuitry add noise and degrade the performance of the mp3 player?  What do you guys think?
  5. gamer-33

    rockboxed Sansa Clip+ vs Samsung P3 need your help with keeping the p3 or selling it

  6. High_Q

    Samsung P3 or Cowon S9

    Which do you guys prefer for FLAC files?
  7. gamer-33

    i am about ready to pull the trigger on Samsung P3 vs clip+

    i am thinking of  the Samsung P3  i going to run it with my iBasso d4 and i have a clip + now but i am looking for better sq and output any help or info on the p3 vs clip+ will i see a big differnce in sq and output
  8. gamer-33

    Samsung P3 Firmware best working update?

    what is the best working update?   with most reliabitity and the least headaches with player 
  9. Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 32 GB  MP3 Player (Silver)

    Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 32 GB MP3 Player (Silver)

    Samsung P3 Palm Theatre Plus 32GB Silver