sample rate
  1. N

    Optimal Win7 Control Panel> Hardware and Sound Bit Depth & Sample Rate?

    i. Do you guys know the Optimal For All Kinds Of Audio Win7 Control Panel> Hardware and Sound's Bit & Hz Settings? ii. Referring to windows control panel sound settings, as I recall in ~2014 I found a site explaining higher sample rate gives the sound along the lines of more height, ie more...
  2. Admiral Kolchak

    Help with Mojo and iPhone

    Hi, I've been reading Head-fi for a few months already and found the information extremely helpful. Based on excellent reviews here I have recently bought a Mojo and Oppo PM-1s. The Oppos are still on their way, but I've already received my Mojo. I've used it with my Macbook Pro and my iPhone...
  3. S

    Recording capabilities of Sound Blaster X7

    I haven't been able to find any posts addressing this issue exactly. I'd really appreciate it if an owner could help me out. I'm hoping to use the X7 ADC to digitize vinyl to 24/192 when connected to my preamp via RCA. The user guide specs say " 24-bit recording sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2...
  4. Audman71

    Greater dynamic range with 96 khz sample rate?

    Hello, I was working on a song when I had the idea of switching the all-MIDI production from 44.1 khz sample rate and 16 bit depth in the project and the file to 64 bit depth and 96 khz just to see what what would happen, if there would be any noticeable difference. I have tried comparing...
  5. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software that will auto-select the sample rate and bit depth based on the song/game?

    My Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 came with a default of 16 bit, 48,000 Hz, but I changed it to 24 bit, 48,000 Hz. I was just curious if there was a piece of software that would know what settings were best when. (BTW I know little about sample rate and bit depth so I apologize if this was a stupid...
  6. jurumal

    Sample Rate Output on MacBook Pro

    So I was changing the output sample rate on my MacBook Pro in the Audio Midi Setup when I thought, do I always have to manually change the output to the song's corresponding sample rate to properly enjoy my music? The DAC doesn't automatically switch to the proper sample rate? What happens if...