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  1. Sennheiser

    Navigate Home | Hit the road with the IE 200

    Our new IE 200 packs a punch, and well above its weight class too. It combines some of the best sonic traits of the IE 300 and 600 thanks to our dynamic 7mm TrueResponse transducer. To give our Head-Fi pals a fresh take on the new earphone, we’re sponsoring a “Review Tour” for the IE 200 in...
  2. szore

    Earsonics Gracie Platinum Review Tour Impression

    Earsonics Review Tour Gracie Platinum sounds truly excellent.
  3. Questyle

    Questyle CMA Fifteen — International Review Tour

    Update (Dec 24 2021): Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the tour so far! We appreciate your support and excitement. We are still accepting sign-ups for the tour for the next ~2 weeks, so if you're interested please sign up. The tour will right near the beginning of the New Year. -...
  4. NymPHONOmaniac

    FLAGSHIP EARPHONES REVIEWS TOURS THREAD-Interested headfier+Impressions sharing

    Hi there, a friend of mine ask me to find trustable CANADIANS audiophiles who would be interested in reviewing High-End IEM from companies like 64AUDIO and VISION EARS. I think that having a dedicated thread where we can keep contact as well as sharing impressions and suggestions could be very...
  5. RHA Team


    We recently launched the CL2 Planar, a planar magnetic in-ear headphone configured for both wired and wireless use. You can find initial impressions on the launch thread here: We wanted to make these available for the community...
  6. Shanling


    We have multiple products coming this fall and that's great opportunity for another REVIEW TOUR! We will be sending out one review kit consisting of our new portable player Shanling M5s and upcoming Shanling ME100 earphones. Your chance to win! We decided we will be giving away the...
  7. Shanling

    Shanling Hi-Res Portable Players Review Tour USA, Europe, Asia

    After some time on Head-fi, we decided it's time to start our first review tour! We were thinking which product to send, should it be the lovely and practical M1, great sounding M3s or M2s with probably best value? Easiest answer is, just send all three of them at once! To sign up and for...