1. SpringBiscuit

    SpinFit Eartips Thread - The cheapest audio upgrade

    Just wanted to share with everyone regarding on this new and not so well known silicon tips, i decided to get a pair last month, recommended by one of local headphone specialist, as i was suffering in ear canal painful for normal silicon tips provided from the earphones. The fitting and...
  2. Aegis303

    Need New IEM

    Hi, My previous earphone just broke, its a Gavio Gazz (didnt like it much...not sure why but something is lacking).  I use these phones for traveling/commuting to work, so they usually wont last too long...around half to 3/4 of a year.  I am looking something below 100 USD (cheaper the better)...
  3. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] RedGiant Audio’s A00 Malleus and A03 Ossicle

    RedGiant is fairly new company to the IEM scene. With HQ in Canada and R&D in Taiwan, the two things that can be said on their products line-up are the uniqueness in design and the high degree of completeness over product concept – making them as much as a statement of taste as they are audio...
  4. tomscy2000

    RedGiant: A Supernova in the Making?

    ****The following is riddled with hyperbole and flowery, long-winded writing; if you’re not interested in any of these things, please skip to the SUMMARY section, or close down your internet browser, slam your mouse down in disgust, and curse me. Also, the pictures are again taken with a sub-par...
  5. RedGiant A00 Malleus Solid Metal In-Ear Headphones

    RedGiant A00 Malleus Solid Metal In-Ear Headphones

    The Malleus is the ultimate in-ear headphone for daily use with an ultra-comfortable fit and a solid sound signature. A rigid cast zinc-alloy housing allows the tuned 12mm drivers to produce ample amounts of bass and the smooth rounded exterior design of the Malleus ensures comfort for any...