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    iQube V2 Portable Headphone Amp
  2. MoonAudio

    Special iQube V2 Portable Headphone Amp Special Price $549.00

    iQube V2 Portable Headphone Amp Regular Price $699.00 SPECIAL PRICE $549.00 North and South American Sales Only The package of the iQube V2 will consist of: - 1 iQube V2, included rechargeable batteries - 1 new specially designed Velcro/elastic strap (will fit any size) - 1 rubber...
  3. average_joe

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread: 16 amps reviewed (Leckerton UHA-6S MKII added)

    Multi-Portable Amp Thread   Amps mean different things to different people.  It depends on your use, music,  source, headphone, and ears to determine if an amp will make a difference, and if so how much.  As primarily an IEM guy, I have had mixed results with amps through the years depending...
  4. Audiophile_Apprentice

    Portable Amp for ER-4P's

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions for a portable headphone amp for the Etymotic Er-4p IEM's (Apuresound recabled) through an iPod Classic. I need to stay under $500 for the amp, and under $180 for a quality LOD.   So far, the ones I have come across are:   1. ALO Rx Mk2 ($449) and the...
  5. vincent33

    ALO RX2 or IQUBE, which one has a wider soundstage and higher resolution for clarity?

    The RX2 simply fits the IMOD perfectly for it size (and its price is more affordable too), whereas the iqube looks a bit bulky to me and the input plug is not at a very good location for the V2 LOD cable... I tried Iqube and it sounds appealing to me but actually I prefer rechargeble built-in...
  6. Jonnip

    Burning in new headphones

    Hi There!   So I have been using some westone 3x's for a few years now. Recently i have a new job and i am travelling alot, Plane, Train etc. I found myself thinking that as i listen to music an awful lot on my journey's i should invest in some slightly better audio gear (i know this cant...
  7. warp08

    Quables iQube V2 vs. RSA Predator

          Foreword   About two months ago when I have decided to increase my investment in desktop digital audio, digital cabling was on top of my list for both a portable and a desktop audio rig.  Based on my research, I have ordered both a Locus Design Polestar USB-A to USB-B mini and...
  8. ctm

    The DAC in the HiFiMAN HM-801 and iQube V2

    I did a few searches and could not find a post detailing a direct comparison of the DAC performances of these two units.  OK, some of you may be shaking your heads and asking something like, "Who cares?"   I admit the question is more academic and disregards important factors like...
  9. Deadneddz

    Quick Question on the Iqube

    Will the Iqube be able to drive a pair of sennheiser hd650s? Ive already read that the predator can do this pretty well, just not sure about the Iqube. Anyone know?
  10. Nawawa

    Should i sell both my FA eterna's v1 and v2 for FA's dba-02?

    i mean i love the v1s and v2. but i doubt the v1 would last me any longer since its already a year old. Is this a good investment or should i stick with it.     Btw, i also have Brainwavz M2 but i love those i don't think i'll sell them.
  11. M

    recommend good portable amps under 1000?

    Hi everyone, Bloke from Sydney here. Buying JH16s next month and need a good set up for my iphone, as it will most likely be where i'm listening to the most music. Can you recommend a good portable headamp and accessories needed to set up the iphone as a great player? really new to the...
  12. knubbe

    Ground loop problem?

    When I have my i-Qube connected to my sound card's line out, everything is fine, but when it's hooked up to a DAC that's powered by an outlet, and I touch it, there's a slight buzzing sound. It's also noticeable when they're not connected, but I touch both of them. Is this a ground loop problem...
  13. Bengkia369

    Pico amp VS Iqube???

    which one is better???
  14. k1ite

    Pico Amp/DAC or Iqube V2

    Hey guys I have been a lot of research for the past two weeks and decided that I wanted to either go for the Pico Amp/Dac or the Iqube V2. I will be mainly using the amp through my Iphone 3GS for mobile use and my Mac Alum at home. Also the headphones that I will be running is my Yuin Pk1, OK1...
  15. Young Spade

    iQube better than ALO Rx?

    I was thinking about selling my Rx (pm me if interested lol) and spending a little bit of money to get the iQube. The main reason is it being more powerful and more neutral to use with my K702s. The ALO Rx drives them nicely from what I can hear (haven't used any other amp with them but I know...
  16. arctic_storm

    Setup for sensitive IEM

    Hi, I started a similar thread some time ago, but nobody answered. The problem is, that I use very sensitive IEMs (28 Ohm and 122 dB). My iBasso D4 and D3 are too loud for them (using it as DAC and amp via PC). When these amps are not too load, I have channel imbalance, which is a no-go.  ...
  17. Qables iQube V2

    Qables iQube V2

    Lightweight, portable Headphone amplifier High efficiency (90-95%) Class D amplifier Analogue and USB inputs Runs on 4x AAA rechargeable batteries, non-user replaceable