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Oct 12, 2004
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    Headphone Inventory:
    HE60/HEV70, AKG K 702 + 6N OFC/OCC solid core copper XLR to 1/4" and another to mini, HD650 + Zu Mobius, Bayer 880/32, ATH-CK10, DBA-02, RE0
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Factory modded Cary 300SEI w/ WE300Bs, Mullard ECC32 and Tung-Sol smoked/round plate or Sylvania metal base 6SN7s. This was used for now sold K1000 headphones

    Custom transformer coupled Valvo EL84 (or Mullard EL86) power tube and Sylvania 5687 (or Tung-Sol 7044 or Bendix 6900) signal tube with outboard PS . One for low impedance and another for high impedance headphones.

    Meier Stepdance & iQube V1

    Source Inventory:
    Main system - analog: Redpoint Model D TT on Harmonic Resolution System (HRS) M3 Isolation Base atop Arcici Lead Balloon stand, Tri-Planar Mk VII, JMW 12.5/12.6, Moerch UP4 tonearms + an array of MC and MM cartridges

    Main system - digital: Exemplar modded DVD 5910 with tube output stage and SE and balance out options + fully APL-modded Philips SACD 1000 with tube output stage.

    Office system: APL modded Pioneer 563a (SS mods only)

    Portable system: HiFiMAN HM-801, Phone 3GS

    ***** LOOKING FOR ***** GAME amp module for HM-801
    Cable Inventory:
    Verbatim, Harmonic Technology (HT) Magic Link 2 & 1.5, HT Truth Link, Harmonix Studio Master, Elrod Statement II

    Whiplash Elite and Jena Labs LOD + custom LOD to RCA, mini to RCA

    Power-Related Components:
    Sound Application XE-12s
    Monarchy AC Regenerator
    Dedicated 20 amp circuit

    Other Audio Equipment:
    Wavestream Kinetics MC and custom battery powered Emotive Audio Circa MM phono stages, First Sound Paramount Mk II SE preamp with dual PS, and digital suorces on Critical Mass Grand Master platforms & Black Label Rack System + HRS Damper Plates and Nimbus Couplers/Spacers

    DeHavilland Aries 845-G monoblocks Black Diamond Racing The Source carbon fiber platforms

    Highly modified, Coincident Millennium with Scanspeak Revelator tweeter and carbon fiber mids and Extreme wiring --> 94 dB sensitivity

    Overall system FR as measured at ear level from the listening position (via digital or analog front end playing reference pink noise tracks): -2 dB at 20Hz, -2 dB @ 18.5kHz, flat elsewhere in between, except at 80Hz-100Hz where it is an acceptable +0.5 dB.



    HE60/HEV70, AKG K702+6N solid core OCC cable, HD650+ZuMobius, Bayer 880/32, ATH-CK10, DBA-02, RE0 // Cary 300SEI+WE300B+Mullard ECC32+Tung-Sol rps 6SN7, Transformer coupled Valvo EL84+Sylvania 5687, Stepdance, iQube V1 // Exemplar 5910, APL Philips SACD1000, APL 563a, HiFiMAN HM-801, iPhone 3GS
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