1. RobinK

    SOLD: Audio-gd pre-amp C3MKIII

    This is a 2 piece full size pre-amp from Audio-GD. It contains it power supplies in a separate chassis which is connected which the second box with dedicated DC power cables. It has 2 RCA inputs, 2 XLR inputs and 1 "cast" input (meant to be used with other Audio-gd gear). The pre-amp is fully...
  2. neogeosnk

    FS: Schiit Saga

    Original Schiit Saga up for sale. Great condition. It comes with everything as new: Power Cord, Remote, Stock tube. Also adding a Tung Sol 6sn7. $225 includes shipping and ppl fees. Conus only. Sorry no trades, trying to get rid of stuff. Pics: Link
  3. AuneAudio

    2019 New Product: aune X8 Magic DAC

    NOW AVAILABLE! Product page: Retail price: 299USD Find your local distributors here:
  4. Yh173088

    How to connect laptop to powered monitors

    Hi I got a pair of jbl 305p mkii on the way and i want to connect them to my laptop . Was told to get 3.5mm to 1/4 inch rca X 2 but I could not find them . Instead I got 3.5mm to rca x2 and 1/4 inch rca adapters . Would they work? Sorry if this sounds noob but I am very new to this hobby .
  5. italiandoc1

    Sold - please close

    Hey All, Offering my MZ2S with linear power supply. This is the best HP amp/pre-amp I have owned...exceptional holographic imaging of tubes with the black background, impact, and transients of SS. It is magical with the Utopias, but plays well with just about everything. Very unique circuit...
  6. Burson Audio Playmate

    Burson Audio Playmate

  7. Dobrescu George

    Ochard Aaudio GALA DAC/PRE-AMP

    I don't always post about new stuff, but I stumbled upon this one, and it seemed... Well interesting. Got the introduction, and I will be doing some first impressions (Video) and a full review on it :) Anyways, here's the intro! Orchard Audio, LLC ( is proud to announce...
  8. doubleh87

    I want to add a vinyl player to my existing setup

    I have the following setup in my living room: A/V Receiver: Sony STR-DH550 (I mainly use this for PlayStation, Chromecast, and laptop connection) Speakers: Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 (Just cheap 5.1 surrounding speakers) TV: LG 47LD450 (not sure if relevant, but just in case) The receiver does not...
  9. N

    Built-in Amp Volume vs Audio input volume?

    Hi I have m-audio av42 speakers which have a built in amp that powers them. There is a knob on the front that controls the volume. When I have audio going from the chord mojo to the av42 I hear a difference when using the built in amp at full volume and using the mojo at a lower volume or the...
  10. Reggy

    Evaluating Potential Setup, Solid State Pre-Amps, buffers, XLR Cable Length

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of completing my audio chain setup. I've recently purchased a pair of Genelec 8040B studio monitors a few months ago and recently decided to upgrade my basic audio interface to a well regarded DAC. I've purchased the denafrips ARES DAC which is on the way and...
  11. B0b

    [FS] Audio-GD Compass (original) AMP, DAC, Pre-Amp ($50 USD)

    For sale is an original Audio-GD Compass (amp, DAC and pre-amp). It is in fair condition : 1) Misses the "Super" button, which I believe is used to increase gain. 2) The faceplate has some give to it (half a millimeter). I tried to show that on one of the pictures, however it's too subtle to be...
  12. S

    Turntable Pre-amps

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading up on some affordable yet good phono pre-amps on the market. The model I keep coming back to is the Schiit moni. I'm curious if anybody else has one or has any luck with one. I'm currently running directly to a Marantz 1060 phono stage and have great luck...
  13. RonO

    SOLD: Schiit Freya Pre-Amp

    Up for sale is my Schiit Audio Freya preamp. It will ship with the stock Russian tubes that came with the pre-amp, and a matched quad of Tung-sol new stock Russian tubes. All the photos show the Tung-sol's installed. Price includes shipping and PP fees. Shipping only to CONUS, and buyer must...
  14. Classymc

    Grounding Issue - Phono Preamp

    Hi, I currently am experiencing a buzzing sound with my system when no music is playing. My set up is: Marantz Turntable --> Pro-ject Phono Preamp --> Cambridge Audio Amplifier --> Speakers. I have tried to separate the pre amp as far away as possible from any electrical sources and have...
  15. S

    DAC/Amp for HD800 with pre-amp volume control

    Hello, Im looking for dac/amp combo for my HD800. Also im gonna get decent studio speakers soon for music listening, probably M-Audio M3-8s. So I was wondering if there are devices, that can make it all in one box, and meet all my requirements. I already found some, but im looking for more...