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DAC/Amp for HD800 with pre-amp volume control

  1. Sonic Rainboom

    Im looking for dac/amp combo for my HD800.
    Also im gonna get decent studio speakers soon for music listening,
    probably M-Audio M3-8s.
    So I was wondering if there are devices, that can make it all in one box,
    and meet all my requirements.

    I already found some, but im looking for more products to hunt,
    if you have good suggestions. And im not sure if they are good or not.

    So I would like
    -Good DAC
    -Decent amplifier for my HD800
    -Balanced headphone output would be nice too
    (I dont have balanced cable yet, so not necessary)
    -Works as a pre-amp for my monitors (with volume control)
    -Balanced XLR outputs for monitors

    My budget is about 800€ max..

    Im in Europe, and im willing to buy used.
    Or from China, but that is a bit risky.

    What I found so far
    -Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus (cheap, but audio quality is lacking)
    -Some TEAC-models (audio quality still lacking?)
    -Yulong/Audio-GD products (some of these seem fine, gotta find used maybe)
    -Audiolab M-DAC (plus) (not sure about this, no balanced hp-out?)
    -Asus Essence III (quite expensive, not sure about this)

    And some other models I can't remember.
  2. HBen
    ... honestly - considering your comments about what you researched, with your requirements and your budget limitations - I don't think there is anything that will satisfy you.
    There are a ton of options I can think of (good dacs, good amps for HD800 etc.) but none of them fits your budget (even used) and all your requirements at the same time, well i cant think of any ...
    maybe somebody else knows more - otherwise you might need to adjust your budget or requirements ...
    Anyway good luck :)
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2017

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