1. refmon

    Great headsets for around $100?

    Really not experienced with any of this but someone told me Plantronics - GameCom 780 was pretty good. I've been looking into the Razer Krakken but I have heard very different thoughts on it.   In Canada if it makes a difference
  2. Frankken

    SteelSeries Diablo III v. Rosewill RHTS-8206 v. Plantronics GameCom 780

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post here. So here's my story:   My first headset was a Turtle Beach P11. When I was away at band camp, I came home to find them broken, so I got a pair of Trittons for Christmas. Those broke within a few days so we brought them back to BestBuy...
  3. Lirpa

    Looking for a gaming/skype headset, about $60 or less

    I need a decent gaming headset that is both mac and pc compatible. Comfort and durability is a priority. Decent sound quality would be nice, although I don't expect them to compete with my Grados.   I was thinking of buying the Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset...
  4. peck1234

    Plantronics GameCom 780 7.1 Surround Sound FREE Ship

    Like New, original box.  Less than 2 hours of use.  Excellent mic quality.   Paypal Only
  5. lilVaratep

    Plantronics gamecom 780 vs roccat kaves

    Looking for something with surround sound to suit me while playing bf3.  I also listen to music a lot. Something along the lines of this kind of music: up to rock/hip hop, so I'm wanting a bit of oomph on...
  6. DaOneAndOnly

    Need advice on buying headphones. (New)

    So recently i have been trying to find a headphone that is within my budget of (Below $90)  i've done some research and found some headphones that might be right for me. I use headphones mainly for enjoying music and playing games. I currently have the Philips SHP805 and I enjoy the quality...
  7. a kodak moment

    Sound card suggestions...

    I have a budget of $200   I need it to have an Optical in and an Optical out because they are plugging into my 5.1 home theater receiver and the is the best input it has. The optical in is so I can plug my 360 or PS3 into the card.   I will use it for 70% games, 25% movies, and 5% music...
  8. SheaMolt

    Looking for some nice headphones (headset) for gaming + music

    My headphones now are skull candy earbuds and I like them - the are perfect for college as they are extremely portable, however, I think my ears are asking for some better sounding audio )greater then $20 earbuds. I've heard Beats and I didn't think they sounded much better then my SC Titan's. I...
  9. TheBaconMan

    Xbox 360 Headset (Cheap)

    I want a wireless headset for my Xbox that let's me hear the game sound and talk to my friends.  My price limit is $80, if there are any surround sound headsets in that price range that would be great.   I want something with a lot of bass and good sound.  The sound doesn't have to be great...
  10. lilVaratep

    ISO: New headphones/headset ~$50.

    My $5 headset from ross just blew out on one ear after 5 months of use D=. Searching for some nice quality headset or headphones (since everyone recommends headphones + separate mic).   Was interested in getting the earforce x12, siberia v2, or sennheiser 201 + a mic (maybe zalman). I heard...
  11. Plantronics GameCom 780

    Plantronics GameCom 780

    The Plantronics GameCom 780 USB headset with Dolby® technologies transforms standard audio into a stunning 7.1 surround sound experience. The noise-canceling mic kills background noise so your commands are loud and clear. When you need to take a break, built-in spin joints let the earpods lay...