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  1. Tex Irie


  2. monkeysixtysix

    FS: Audeze LCD-2C Classic with extra Dekoni Pads

    No longer for sale.
  3. jordannn15

    WTS: MrSpeakers Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads

    Very well taken care of and nothing wrong with them. Pads are still nice and comfortable, the memory foam does a great job. Stickers are still there and are not peeling. Connection is good and doesn't feel loose at all. Comes with headphones, original cord, and original box. Price is $200 OBO...
  4. mikewr

    [SOLD] LCD-XC + Carry Case and OG Audeze Cables- Second Owner, Fair Condition[SOLD]

    These have been sold, special thanks to the two headfiers who supported the classified below! Appreciate it! For sale is a post-2016 revision LCD-XC, manufactured on 2/15/2016. Bought this pair from another headfier with good feedback 3-4 months ago. I would say the condition is fair: there is...
  5. final D8000

    final D8000

    final D8000 With the development of the new AFDS (Air Film Damping System), we have achieved sound quality that has both the sensitive high ranges of planar magnetic models and the volume and open feel bass tones of dynamic models. This is a product that will have you making new discoveries...
  6. Share2Care

    ***LOWER PRICE** *Fostex TH-X00 Purple Hearts – Fantastic Condition – Reluctant Quick Sale Needed

    ***NEW LOWER PRICE*** Hi There. Due to some very unforeseen events happening I am putting my Fostex THX-00 Purplehearts up for sale. Looking for a swift sale, BUT, not for giving them away for free! I love these cans. To be completely honest, I will be looking to buy them again as soon as I...
  7. federicopol

    Diy Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Hello, Here are my new 3d printed planar magnetic headphones. All diy except the drivers. Vintage soviet 50mm driver 40ohm impendance 3d printed 100mm cups with semi hidden 2 degree of freedom headband fixtures. Elastic band and metal wire headband (The metal wire is from a repurposed shirt...
  8. SDBiotek

    SOLD Audeze EL-8 Closed Back Planar Headphones

    I'm selling my gently used pair of Audeze El-8 (closed back) headphones. I have owned them for a few years and mostly just used them around the house. The ear pads have some light wear, but overall the headphones are in very good cosmetic condition. The original packaging is not included, but I...
  9. angpsi

    [FS] JPS Labs Abyss Planar Magnetic Headphones AB-1266 Deluxe

    For sale is a pair of Abyss Planar Magnetic Headphones AB-1266 (non–Phi), in perfect functional and aesthetic condition, maintained and cared for in a pet-free, smoke-free home. The package consists of the headphones, the original JPS Labs cabling and headphone stand, the wooden case and the...
  10. Chris honor

    connect planar magnetic membrane to xlr female

    Hello, can someone explain, how to connect planar magnetic membrane to xlr female, when you're making headphones. Membrane has two connections + and -, but xlr has ground too. I would be thankful for your help! Or should I use other connections?
  11. Obravo Audio ERIB-7 Planar Hybrid IEM

    Obravo Audio ERIB-7 Planar Hybrid IEM

    World’s First Hybrid Planar Magnetic / Dynamic Earphone Advanced Wide-Bandwidth Coaxial Drivers Low Impedance for Smartphone, Tablet and Media Player Compatibility. Specification: Frequency Response Range: 30Hz~35KHz Tweeter: 8mm PMD Tweeter Woofer: 7mm Dynamic Neodymium Driver Impedance: 16Ω...
  12. AEIOU9

    SOLD: RHA CL2 Mint Condition

    Lightly used, comes complete with all original accessories and the original packaging. Price includes PP fees and shipping within the US. I will consider shipping to other countries but there will be an extra charge, which will be determined based on the difference in cost of shipping to your...
  13. faultfracture

    For sale or trade: Mint Blue Ella (planar)

    I have up for trade or offer is a Ella from Blue Microphones, really a top of the line offering from them. The leather used here is really high grade, amazingly soft. Similar overall structure to the Lola but with a more premium feel and a bit less clamp. Planar magnetic drivers with the DSP and...
  14. majormajor

    [Sold] MrSpeakers Alpha Prime

    Buyer covers PayPal fee and shipping. Includes original box and original 6' cable with 1/4" termination. Also includes additional 10' gray/white braided cable with MrSpeakers connectors and 4 pin XLR termination from Dyson Audio that was originally $115.
  15. Kazz123

    [SOLD] OPPO PM-3 Black

  16. PopGenie

    [SOLD] Erzetich Phobos - Planar Magnetic Headphone

    This beautiful headphone made with "aged" Linden wood that gives unique looking and sounds damn good. "These headphones are ideal for music ranging from classical to jazz, where detail is everything." said the company. I found it is also very musical for the POP and Rock, I would say it has the...
  17. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-3 F with Warranty and Extras

    Excellent Condition. 2016 driver. Purchased 2016. Second owner. 1/7/17 upgraded to 2016 drivers. 1 year and 2 months left on warranty. Comes with as pictured Audeze case, 2 cables (stock 8 ft 1/4th terminated cable and stock 8 ft XLR terminated cable). Also includes an Audeze 1/4 to 3.5...
  18. kp297

    How Apple forced Audeze to develop the most innovative headphone system in the world (Kishore Patel)

    TLDR; The LCDi4 paired with the Cipher cable and a music cloud storage service like Vox, represents an alternative future for hifi headphones. *This is not a review of the LCDi4. As my sonic impressions generally agree with what’s already been posted online, there isn’t much value in merely...
  19. nnordstr

    Closed Back Orthodynamic Headphone Thoughts

    Hello All, I'm looking to acquire some closed back planar magnetic headphones to use at work. My budget is in the $300 range. I've got a Schiit stack to power them. I've looked at the Oppo PM-3's which I'm interested in. The Audeze EL-8's do not. Does anyone have any thoughts on any other...
  20. Toneking BL1 Planar Magnetic IEM

    Toneking BL1 Planar Magnetic IEM

  21. Karendar

    (SOLD) Monoprice Monolith m1060c closed back extra cable (modded)

    Hello, Selling my monolith m1060c's which I slightly modded for sound quality. I removed the liner over the driver and added K-Tape which breathes better. This opened up the soundstage a bit. I also removed the foam discs in the cups (still have them) and treated/piled the cups to avoid...
  22. WhiskeyJacks

    SOLD-Monolith M1060 v2, 140 $

    It is decent to good condition I'd give it 7 out of 10. No issues with band or cups, sounds great. I am selling this only for to high medical bills because I think it is a great headphones and one of my favorite in the mid-fi price range. Doesn't come with original pads but audeze vegan pads...
  23. Scblacksunshine

    Oppo PM-3

    Good condition Oppo PM-3, very small dent on one side of the earcup (not noticeable unless you look really close at it). There's some minor wear on the earpads, doesn't not affect sound quality or functionality. The pleather used on the PM-3 are relatively thin so it's cosmetic wear and I...
  24. masahito24@chart

    SOLD: Audeze LCD i4 w/ cipher cable

    FS: Audeze LCD i4 They come with 2 sets of S/M/L normal tips and S/M/L of the groovy tips, v2 cipher cable, stock braided silver cable, ear hooks, case, and original box. I am not the original owner and physically they have some minor scuffs which do not affect sound. They've been always placed...
  25. Kulgrinda

    [SOLD] Highly modified Monoprice Monolith M1060 // Europe

    Hello, I'm selling my highly modified M1060. This is the result of half of the year information gathering and trial in practice. Dampening is changed, 3D printed grills added, front fazors with mounting rings as well. All the original parts will be sold together, mods are reversible, no changes...