planar magnetic
  1. Zworks

    Mint condition Final Audio D8000

    Seldom used D8000 with stand, 3.5mm and 6.3mm cable for $2250 Including PayPal shipping fee Excellent cosmetic condition and appearance. No obvious scratch. I am selling this because I prefer my speaker setup, it was my favorite headphone Questions are welcome, feel free to PM me
  2. puck

    MrSpeakers Alphadogs SOLD

    These Alpha Dogs are fantastic headphones. They sound great and are very comfortable. They are in good over all used condition but do have some scuffs in the paint. Please look carefully at the pics to see the condition. The pads are in good shape and are very soft and comfortable. I have a...
  3. billqs

    SOLD/TRADED Abyss Diana v1 with Phi Pads

    Up for sale are this great set of Abyss Diana original version with the inclusion of the Phi pads (which also come on v.2) which make wearing the Diana's much more comfortable. I've never heard vocals sound more "real" than they do with these phones. It's almost uncanny. I would love to...
  4. puck

    FS Blue Ella planar magnetics SOLD

    I have for sale a pair of Blue Ella planar magnetic headphones with built in amp, all original cables, carry bag, original box and documentation. They are in very good used shape with only minor signs or wear on the headband/cups. The pads are in very good condition. They sound great and are...
  5. aminus

    FS: Audeze Sine

    Selling my used Audeze Sine purchased back in 2016. Reason for sale is that I am no longer using it. Comes with all original accessories and Vesper Audio true leather over ear earpads for comfort. Does not come with Cipher cable.
  6. lockjaw

    Abyss 1266 OG with CC pads

    I'm using my Diana PHI most of the time so no need to own two pairs of Abyss... or until I get the bug again when I need/want a 1266 TC! :) My pair is in very nice condition, see the link to audiomart for pics and full description Small mod to allow for swapping out O rings to center ears in...
  7. MoonAudio

    Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Planar Headphones - Now Shipping

    Alex Rosson (Audeze co-founder) has a new project, and we're here for it. Rosson Audio Design makes a unique headphone, featuring audiophile planar magnetic electronics and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted enclosures. No two headphones are the same. So how does it sound? "The RAD-0 has one of...
  8. opiumhum

    Sold: oBravo Cupid planar-magnetic hybrid IEM

    Selling my brand new oBravo Cupid (used twice at home), bought a little over four weeks ago from Audio Concierge, which are currently sold out: I'm providing the 1.2m OCC litz cable with gold plated 2.5mm balanced plug...
  9. AEIOU9

    SOLD: Abyss Diana Phi + 64 Audio U18T

    Hello, I'm selling an Abyss Diana Phi and a 64 U18T. Both items are in mint condition and come in the original packaging. Please see the details and pricing for each item below: 64 Audio U18T - SOLD I am the original owner and the IEMs are in mint condition. I will include the original...
  10. biglazymoose


    Looking for $850 includes shipping to CONUS and paypal fees These were bought from Audeze two months ago. They are in excellent condition and work flawlessly. I love these cans but I must keep going on my audio journey. Comes with Audeze 1.9m 1/4'' to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable, usb with manual...
  11. PrettyChill


    Great condition Fostex T-50 rp's (massdrop mods) with upgraded ZMF lambskin pads. Comes with the original box and cable but not with the original ear pads. Open to an interesting trade but would prefer to just sell these. Price includes shipping.
  12. lockjaw

    Hifiman Edition X V1 Planar Magnetic Headphones for sale

    Very nice used pair! I have the original box and all that came with. Paypal only, I will cover the fee. Shipping 40 dollars fixed, insured. Returns are fine if within 48 hours of signing, buyer to pay return shipping. These are amazing headphones, same driver as their high end version for a...
  13. ptolemy2k6

    *****sold*** ** HiFiMAN HE6se Headphones

    Hi all. I am selling my HiFiMAN HE6se Headphones. Condition is like new. I have about 6-8 hrs into them. Come with everything original. Adapter, cables, 2nd pads, case, etc... I am asking $1150 in CONusa, elsewhere, please inquire in private thank you :)
  14. takato14

    [FS] HiFiMAN HE-6 (6 screw) -- ONE WORKING DRIVER ONLY

    So, I wasn't sure where to put this because there's no "parts" section for the trading section. I went for a $400 HE-6 with one working driver and attempted to fix it. I did manage to get the broken driver working again, but had to disassemble it due to an error on reassembly and when I went to...
  15. Nolanh87

    SOLD FS: Audeze LCD2C

    Selling a pair of LCD2C's I recently purchased from another seller here. Great condition I'm the second owner, I personally put about 6 hours of use into it. I suffer from a previous neck injury and due to the weight these will not work for my needs. Comes in original box with standard cable and...
  16. MoonAudio

    Accepting Preorders: Audeze LCD-i3

    Audeze LCD-i3 In Ear Headphones $899.00 Preorder Now Expected August 23rd AUDIOPHILE SOUND FROM ANY DEVICE Featuring the magnesium housing and grill design of the LCD-i4, the LCD-i3 reduces unwanted resonance and delivers superior resolution to its iSINE counterparts. CONNECTION...
  17. erik701

    [SOLD] HiFiMAN SUSVARA mint condition

    I'm selling my brand new HiFiMAN Susvara headphones. It's the latest model, purchased in May 2019. They have been played for less than 100 hours. Complete package, original box, book, bag, 4 Pin XLR 3m cable, except 6,3mm cable, which I would like to keep for my other HiFiMAN headphones. They...
  18. erik701

    [SOLD] Final Audio D8000 planar magnetic headphones

    Selling Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic headphones. I purchased them in May 2019. Perfect condition. They have been played for less than 100 hours. Complete package, all accessories, Headphone stand, 2 Detachable cables (1.5m/3.5mm plug), Detachable cable (3m/6.3mm plug), original box...
  19. Hifiman Arya

    Hifiman Arya

    Hifiman Arya is a planar-magnetic headphone that uses an advanced asymmetrical magnetic system. In simpler words it means it uses smaller magnets on the ear side and huge magnets on the outer side that are pushing a lot of air. This way the sound waves interference is greatly reduced, so the...
  20. Hay2104

    Oppo Pm-3 [SOLD]

    Oppo Pm 3 Planar Magnetic Headphones. Near new condition. Included - Oppo Pm 3 - original OFC 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable w/ 1/4 adapter. - original Oppo Case - original Oppo Box - original sleeve PayPal Only. Buyer Pays Shipping.
  21. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Audeze iSine20 [ SOLD]

    I have a pair of Audeze iSine20's for sale they come with the following accessories (Ear tips, Ear hooks, 3.5 mm cable, Cipher Cable V2, Carrying case and insert) and original packaging and are in excellent condition. I tried them out for less than 2 hours and found out quickly that they...
  22. TinHiFi P1

    TinHiFi P1

    TINHIFI P1 IEM Explore Excellence with Planar Magnetic Technology New Dimensions of Sound, Technology, and Construction In the audio world, innovation is the key to create exceptional products that can elevate the music listening experience. The planar magnetic technology is fuses the moving...
  23. kevingzw

    Vibro Labs MkII Headphones (Wood-cupped T50rps')

    Hey fellow audiophiles! I recently discovered that Vibro Labs is back after receiving an email from their subscription list. Instead of releasing IEM's' like the Sera or Maya, they are now manufacturing and machining different types of wood-chambers for the Fostex T50rp! You can choose to...
  24. MoonAudio

    Accepting Preorder: Audeze LCD-GX Audiophile Gaming Headphones

    Audeze LCD-GX Headphones $899.00 Expected July 2019 Preorder Now The world's first audiophile gaming headphones, the new LCD-GX advances the industry further by combining the finest in sound quality with clear voice chat for the serious purist audiophile gamer. REFERENCE PLANAR MAGNETIC...
  25. TidalWave

    Blue Ella planar magnetic headphones, BNIB

    have brand new Blue Microphones "Ella" planar magnetic headphones in a sealed box that I ended up not using. As a big fan of planar magnetic headphones, I've tried a few but ultimately stuck with my Audeze Sine for convenience of using the Cipher cable with an iphone. Having tried another pair...