1. Todd

    New Grado Phono Cartridges @ TTVJAudio!

    Grado Labs announces their new cartridge Lineup! The New Grado Prestige, Timbre and Lineage Series cartridges take a huge leap forward in vinyl sound reproduction. The improvements are immediately recognizable to the listener. Clean, crisp, detailed highs that are in balance with the mids...
  2. KC-130

    [SOLD]: iFi Micro iPhono2

    A compact and feature-rich phono stage, the iPhono2 supports both MM and MC cartridges. Easy to configure, I currently have it setup for an Ortofon MM Black cartridge. Specs for iPhono2 Includes: - iFi Micro iPhono2 - All Original Packaging and Accessories - CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fees...
  3. The Life

    FS: Ray Samuels Audio (RSA) F-117 Nighthawk Phono Preamp

    I’m selling my Ray Samuels Audio (RSA) F-117 Nighthawk Phono Preamp, the legendary “Giant Killer.” I’ve had this for 3 or 4 years and it works as well as it ever did. It will come with the unit and the charger. Asking for $475 total (i.e. includes shipping to CONUS and PayPal fee). For now I’m...
  4. Nick 214

    SOLD: PS Audio GCPH (Texas Only)

    Hey everyone: Well the time has finally come to change up my long-loved system... I am selling off three pieces, at well-below market value because I am simply not interested in shipping. I live in Austin, Texas and am happy to meet another Head-Fier anywhere within reasonable driving...
  5. Vicca Tito

    (Reserved/Sold in Sthlm) Schiit Jotunheim with phono card (230V)

    Hi! Selling this amp in as new condition due to downgrading. Very lightly used. 2nd owner. No trading, please. Please add a shipping fee, I'm also ready to split PayPal fee.
  6. Coolblue

    SOLD - FS: Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ Phono Preamp - 115V, Black - CON US only

    SOLD ---------------- Hi, I've got near mint to excellent condition, Musical Surroundings - Phonomena II+ Phono Preamp , Black, 115V up for grabs. $550 price INCLUDES Shipping and PayPal Fees ( for US Accounts only) - No international PayPal Accounts please. Shipping to PayPal Verified CON...
  7. ptolemy2k6

    ***sold*** iFi iPhono2 Class A Tube MM/MC Phono Preamp

    I am selling my iFi iPhono2. I used it few times but I sold my TT few month ago and have no plans to get another anytime soon. Unit is gently used, maybe 20 hours. Pristine condition :). I am asking $425 shipped in CONusa :)
  8. bcschmerker4

    Parts suggestions for reactivating a tube jukebox

    This month, my house was gifted a WurliTzer® Model 1800 Multi-Selector Phonograph, a monaural "pay to play" device common to public venues with capacity for fifty-two 45 RPM discs in the 7" size format. The amplifier/power supply module packs nine tubes: one 12AX7 high-μ twin triode, one 6J5...
  9. barryt

    New phono preamp

    I have created a most unusual phono-preamplifier, I have a couple of prototypes, I am looking for critics to critique these for sonic performance. You interested?
  10. Toob-Toob

    SOLD: Schiit Mani phono stage

    Selling a perfect/unused Schiit Mani. Sounds fantastic; Stereophile Recommended Component. I purchased it as a backup--I previously owned a unit--but now have too many phonos on hand. In perfect, unused, like new condition. Comes with rubber feet (unattached), power adapter, manual and original...
  11. S

    Turntable Pre-amps

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading up on some affordable yet good phono pre-amps on the market. The model I keep coming back to is the Schiit moni. I'm curious if anybody else has one or has any luck with one. I'm currently running directly to a Marantz 1060 phono stage and have great luck...
  12. 2chinzz

    2chinzz's Super Sale!!!

    i everyone I am selling a bunch of gear that I no longer use. PP Fees and shipping costs are on the purchaser! Addtional pictures can be taken upon request. Schiit Vali 2 - $130 - In great condition. I am the second owner. This purchase also comes with a sovtek 6922 and a phillips PCC88...
  13. Classymc

    Grounding Issue - Phono Preamp

    Hi, I currently am experiencing a buzzing sound with my system when no music is playing. My set up is: Marantz Turntable --> Pro-ject Phono Preamp --> Cambridge Audio Amplifier --> Speakers. I have tried to separate the pre amp as far away as possible from any electrical sources and have...
  14. arteom

    Paul Hynes MM/MC Phono Stage 115/220v

    Downsizing my gear, have decided to move to an integrated amp. Excellent sound phono preamp. I bought it off Audio Circle used for $800. When it first arrived, I noticed a mechanical buzz coming from the power supply case (it's a two case system). I contacted Paul Hynes, who said it would need a...
  15. Toob-Toob

    SOLD: Audio Research PH3SE Phono Stage

    Selling a perfect Audio Research PH3SE phono pre-amp. It comes complete with the original manual, original boxes, Audio Research Electro-Harmonix OEM 6922 tubes, tube rings, two cartridge loading kits, and power cord. You'd be hard pressed to find a better unit for sale anywhere. It is...