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Grado Labs announces their new cartridge Lineup!
The New Grado Prestige, Timbre and Lineage Series cartridges take a huge leap forward in vinyl sound reproduction. The improvements are immediately recognizable to the listener. Clean, crisp, detailed highs that are in balance with the mids and bass. The mids are sweet delivering a listening experience worthy of the highest acclaim. The bass goes deep and is tight and true to the recording. Channel separation is outstanding as is the soundstaging and imaging.
We really like these new Grado cartridges and highly recommend them!

The Prestige Series from Grado Labs has always been a great value in the industry. Their New Black3 is our favorite introductory cartridge and one we recommend. The Gold3 tops the Prestige Series and delivers great sound for under $300. All in all, these cartidges are an awesome place to start on your vinyl listening journey or to replace/upgrade your current cartridge on an entry to mid level turntable.
Grado Black3 - $80
Grado Green3 - $99
Grado Blue3 - $125
Grado Red3 - $175
Grado Silver3 - $225
Grado Gold3 - $260


Prestige Series Phono Cartridges
The Timbre Series introduces wood to the Grado lineup of phono cartridges. NEW to the lineup is the Opus3, which we are mightily impressed with. The line includes the Platinum3, Sonata3, Master3, and Reference3, All have been update with improvements trickling down from the top models in the Lineage series.
All of the models are available in a high output (4.8mV), low output (1.0mV) in Stereo or Mono versions.
Grado Opus3 - $275
Grado Platinum3 - $400
Grado Sonata3 - $600
Grado Master3 - $1000
Grado Reference3 - $1500

For many years we have had top of the line Grado cartridges that we alternated with some of our favorite MC phono cartridges on our turntables. But no more - the Grado Epoch3 has takes first chair on our turntable and has remained our choice to listen to over all others. The Statement3, Aeon3 and Epoch3 make up the Lineage line and all are worthy of the highest end listener!
Available in Stereo and Mono with 1.0mV output
Grado Statement3 - $3500
Grado Aeon3 - $6000
Grado Epoch3 - $12000

Questions? Contact us today 1-406-285-3910 or email
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Hey Todd. I'm curious how the Gold3 compares to the Opus 3. Considering the price is almost the same.
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Hi Khronos,

I have a proposition for you - If you have a Hana cartridge, I can do this .... I will send you a Grado Platinum3 High output cartridge and if you like it more, you send me the Hana and keep the Grado. If you prefer the Hana, then after 2 weeks of listening, you return the Platinum3 to me. Interested? email me at and we can arrange this.

Hi SoundDouble,

The new Opus3 sounds a bit better than the Gold3 in my opinion. It is a real accurate cartridge that doesn't add much color to the sound. The Opus3 does NOT have a user replaceable stylus - it would have to be sent in to Grado labs should the stylus/cantilever be damaged for repair. The Gold3 is still sports a user replaceable stylus. And of course the Gold3 is still in the plastic enclosure and the Opus3 is in Maple.

I have been playing with the Opus3 now for a few months and find it to be very good. It sounds great and tracks very well. Hats off to Grado Labs for making such a good cartridge for under $300!

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Here is a picture of the new Grado Opus3 mounted in a Jelco headshell. I use this combo with my TEAC TN 550B turntable (pictured below with the stock AT cartridge. The Grado blows the AT cartridge away on this turntable.


The Grado Opus3 and Platinum3 work great on the TEAC TN550B. We also carry the Jelco Headshells and will mount any cartridge and headshell purchase.

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