1. DioBrando

    Best over-ear Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones

    Within 2-3 months I'm about to take a pretty long intercontinental flight and I'm evaluating to buy a noise-canceling headphones, in order to reduce as best as I can sound pollution. Characteristics that I'm looking for: - over-ear - comfort - good battery - wired option - balanced sound (not...
  2. VegasSirk

    Hello all a Noob in need of advice on noise isolating ear buds.

    Hi everyone! Im new here and wanted to first of say thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.   I currently in the market for a set of in ear headphones / buds. I was looking at the Shure SCL2 and Klipsch Image S4s but couldnt make up my mind on whats best for what Im looking for.  ...
  3. WaveRider69

    What Headphones will block the TV sound in the next room?

    My bedroom is right next to the living room.  But I like keeping my door open.  The people watch too much freakin tv and it drives me nuts.   What good sounding headphones would block out this sound at this distance?  Even when I'm not listening to anything.   looking for $200+/-   I...
  4. wpautz

    Passive noice isolation or Active noise canceling? Considering Bose QC15, or Koss Pro4AA, or other quality isolation.

       Hi, I'm new to the forum. Sorry if I haven't my homework, I haven't read many of the threads, I'm very very tired and should be in bed.    I have an ipod, and rather long commute on a rather loud Skytrain + bus (Vancouver, BC). I need some serious noise reduction. The noise pollution is...
  5. Matty02

    Recommendation for noise isolating headphones £50-£80 budget

    Hi guys,   I am going travelling soon, lots of plane time to endure. I am looking for a decent pair of headphones with sufficient noise isolation; my budget is £50 - £80. Currently I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros - I like the sound of them, could do with a slightly more powerful...
  6. zap427

    ZEM noise cancelling head phones?

    Anyone tried a pair of these? They are all over the net and I wanted to get an opinion.   Thanks,   zap
  7. Noise Canceling Headphones

    Noise Canceling Headphones

    Features:Professional Digital Quality SoundPowerful Samarium Cobalt Drivers for Super Bass SoundNoise Reduction Level: 12 dB at 300HzExtra Padded Earcups and Adjustable HeadbandSingle-Sided Cord with Gold-Plated 3.5mm Stereo PlugDual-Plug Adapter for AirplaneRequires 1 "AAA" Battery...