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  2. PascalT

    Looking for a new soundcard to replace Chaintech AV710

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a new sound card to replace my AV710.   Currently I am using: AV710 -> Optical out -> Concerto DAC -> Havana   What's the cheapest card out there that will allow me to get perfect output from the computer to my DAC using optical? Is the XONAR DG going to...
  3. BombayTheIndian

    MHDT Steeplechase Tube 24/192 DAC - Thoughts?

    *Updated 2/12/13 to remove erroneous NOS labeling/product info. MDHT revised the product page to reflect the changes.   It looks like MHDT has a new tube buffered DAC out called the Steeplechase. There aren't any reviews out, and it's being sold for $843. Thoughts? Anyone own it and want to...
  4. mink70

    Strange sound variation from DAC and MBP

    I'm wondering whether anyone can weigh in on a strange issue. I'm listening to Amarra 2.4.1 from a MacBook Pro with 4G RAM outputting to a newly acquired (used) MHDT Havana tube DAC. I have to admit that I can't figure out what's happening. Fact is, it's sounding different from day to day. When...
  5. oldson

    calling all current and former Meier Stagedac owners?

    had my stagedac for a few years now, and am happy with it. but like most on here, i cant help wondering if there is something out there that is better, for the same price range. i think i paid around £500. how much would i have to spend to noticably improve on it's performance? thanks
  6. s1rrah

    REVIEW: MHDT Labs Stockholm DAC

            Pleased to meet you!   As a long time user of the MHDT Labs Havana DAC, I was of course immediately interested when I heard mention of MHDT Labs releasing a new DAC based on the same basic architecture as the Havana but this time with true asynchronous USB implementation...
  7. Turn&cough

    MHDT Havana DAC

    Anybody checked this out yet? As a former Paradisea owner I'd be curious to hear how it compares. MHDT Havana
  8. MHDT labs havana

    MHDT labs havana

    The MHDT labs Havana, a Hi-Fi single ended NOS Tube DAC. Tube type: 2C51, WE396A, 6385, 5670, etc. CS8414 digital input with non-oversampling structure. No digital filter, no Op-amp. Utilize legendary R-2R multi-bits Burr Brown PCM56P (16 bits) DAC chip. No differential phase shift in both...