The MHDT labs Havana, a Hi-Fi single ended NOS Tube DAC. Tube type: 2C51, WE396A, 6385, 5670,...

MHDT labs havana

  • The MHDT labs Havana, a Hi-Fi single ended NOS Tube DAC.

    Tube type: 2C51, WE396A, 6385, 5670, etc.

    CS8414 digital input with non-oversampling structure. No digital filter, no Op-amp. Utilize legendary R-2R multi-bits Burr Brown PCM56P (16 bits) DAC chip. No differential phase shift in both channels. Metal case, with silk brushing aluminum plates , acrylic front panel. 1 x USB input, 1 x Coaxial input, 1 x Toslink optic input. Tube buffered output

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  1. joespride
    The most Musical DAC I have heard in the sub 1000.00 range, Say you want you DIGITAL to sound like VINYL here's your chance to get close
    Written by joespride
    Published Jan 31, 2015
    Pros - Very musical with great inner detail, nice extension without harshness, solid deep bass
    Cons - tends to break down a bit with more complicated fast paced music, Not quite as appealing with this type music,a non issue for me, other than that NONE
    My dac progression has been in the sub 1000.00 range and frankly I doubt I will ever exceed that mark further I find it hard to believe there is anything better in this price range. My musical tastes are what set my radar on the Havana, as a (N.O.S.) Non Oversampling Dac is reputed to be less harsh I wanted to hear it for myself. I come from a vinyl background and frankly most digital playback was fatiguing, frustrating, and acceptable at best (certainly not my definition of exceptional)
    Enter Havana (NOS) , running my pc with JRiver palying Flac Loss Less, into my musical fidelity V-Link 192 converter, SPDIF into the Havana, and then connected to my Kenzie (Darling Circuit) Headphone amp,to which I connect my HiFiMan He500. My PC playback now rivals my ONLY CDP I have owned that I felt was worth owning The Electrocompanient Emc1up, for a 900.00 dac o reach the level of a 4+thousand dollar CDP was wholly unexpected and yet a pleasure to be sure
    What can you expect from the sound, that's easy nice extension with sweet high end No grain the cymbals shimmer through decay (no hot sizzle here), Bass that is surprisingly deep and articulate (maybe not the last word in tight, But certainly not muddy or smeared), Mids that are as organic and natural as I have ever heard, You get an amazing amount of inner detail (yep you will have those moments
    "Huh I have heard this song 100's of times and never heard that" ) one that stands out for me Bruce Springsteen, Seeger Sessions, Oh Mary Don't you Weep (he is actually having a conversation at the beginning of the song)  there have been other moments to be sure but you get the point The Havana has GOBBS of inner detail and yet it is not so much that you could call it analytical
    Moral is if you are looking for a great sounding DAC that will get you very close to vinyl SQ you owe it to yourself to check out MHDT Labs Havana[​IMG]
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    2. GenpattonJames
      Thanks for the review! I couldn't agree more and I am glad someone took the time to put up a review. I have the Havana Balanced version, using balanced outputs. I have had more than a couple friends come over and bring their super Up-sampling and over sampling DAC's only to leave puzzled as to why the Havana sounds so much better. The key to this as with any tube audio device is to choose the right NOS tubes. MHDT actually has a recommendation on their website as to which tubes are best and he grades them. I had two Tesla 6CC42 installed and about a week ago got two of the very rare pinched waist "D" getter Tesla's. I am in heaven. Anyone who dismisses DAC's from MHDT is missing out, big time. This is from a guy that has had two very high priced up-sampling DAC's,one a Delta Sigma DAC. Let your ears tell you what is better, not the hype. Now this is not for the guys wanting to grab their laptop and stream DSD, however for anything else it rocks...big time. MHDT actually has a new one, the Pagoda and it has a Delta Sigma DAC.  However there is still very little info on their site regarding it.
      Joe, not sure what tube your using in your Havana but I highly recommend the Tesla tubes as you will need only one. PM me if you would like me to send one of the "O" getter Tesla tubes, I have spares and I would have no problem sending one to a fellow Havana owner~!
      GenpattonJames, Apr 13, 2015
    3. joespride
      Thanks so much for the offer, I am running the WE JW 2c51, 1951 vintage and have been very happy with that, I tried some 50's vintage GE, RCA and also some 60's vintage Raytheon windmills and all were good the WE just sounds better to me, .................  I have no idea why the Havana is not a bigger hit with the multitudes out there but I suppose it falls to each his own.  I have had no real desire to look further after getting my Havana, (for me thats a huge compliment as I am a notorious gear flipper, always wanting to hear the next best thing)
      joespride, Apr 13, 2015
    4. JoeDoe
      Can anyone offer a comparison between this guy and the Chord Mojo? I realize that functionally they are quite different, but I'm just looking for sonic impressions/comparisons.
      JoeDoe, Sep 27, 2016


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