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Jul 19, 2017
Mar 16, 2007
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Supply chain management food industry.

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500+ Head-Fier

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Jul 19, 2017
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    Supply chain management food industry.
    Cycling, cooking
    Headphone Inventory:
    Beyerdynamic DT-880, Grado SR60i, currently shopping for something punchier.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Bought/sold a few - currently shopping for a good one. Temporarily using the ones on my integrated amps.
    Source Inventory:
    Squeezebox Touch (modified), CIA VDC-SB power supply, Eastern Electric Minimax DAC (modified)
    Cable Inventory:
    Speaker: Naim NACA5, Chord CSS, Cardas Crosslink
    IC: Acoustic Zen Wow II, Anti-Cables, DIY vintage Belden 8402/Switchcraft (best ICs I've ever heard at any price)
    Digital: Siltech Classic Anniversary HF, Blue Jeans, Monster Datalink 100
    USB: Audioquest Forest, Belkin Pro
    Power: Shunyata Venom, Volex, Grant Fidelity (Hubbel), Revelation Audio Cryo-Silver Umbilical
    HDMI: Monoprice
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Oppo BDP-93
    Naim Nait XS 2 +Proac Studio 115
    DSPeaker Anti-Mode 8033S-II
    Rel T-5
    NAD D3020 + Neat Iota
    Logitech Harmony 650
    Music Preferences:
    Fought many battles, hit many bumps in the road.


    When a doctor slaps on some latex gloves... gets a good firm grip on your balls & tells you, with a big grin, to turn your head & cough he's feeling your spine for a hernia... or at least thats what he tells you he's doing
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