ipod classic
  1. Tylerdurden389

    Having playback issues with my modded Ipod classic

    I've had help from 2 members here before but the last one I was corresponding with hasn't responded to an email I sent them over 2 months ago (even though the last time we spoke was less than 2 years ago). Basically the problem is it skips songs when a new one is about to start (and sometimes...
  2. A

    New Member trying figure the next upgrade step

    Hi, I'm Al from LI, NY. Decades ago, I used to be an audiophile. Between moving to my current house and having kids, I did, and still do not get much opportunity to listen seriously much with the stereo. The family room is large with hard vaulted ceilings and hard wood floors; the sound was not...
  3. Tylerdurden389

    Need suggestions for an ipod classic bluetooth adapter

    I see plenty of different models for sale from a quick google shopping search, but I'm weary of bootlegs. Anyone here know which one's are the best choice? Money is not a factor. Thanks in advance.
  4. Faintandfuzzy

    iTunes various formats to iPod Classic 160

    Not sure where to post this exactly. I’ve been ripping CDs to a NAS to use my Bluesound Node 2 and DAC to listen to. I’ve converted CDs to ALAC. I have been transferring to my iPod Classic 160 as well, and as you can imagine...I am quickly running out of space. For me, I spend most of my...
  5. Z

    iPod Classic Generation vs iPod Touch 4th gen DAC?

    Hi all, I've used an iPod Touch 4th gen as my portable player for many years. It's getting on in age, and I'd like to replace it with another iPod (personal preference). I use the headphone jack and my headphones include the Philips SHP9500, Audio-Technica M50X (soon to get M40X as well), and...
  6. scholl43

    iPod Classic Replacement 2020

    I've somehow stretched another 2 years out of my 2010 160GB iPod classic, but now it's clearly done. The HD diagnostics have been warning me for years, the battery dies after about 90 mins and if it's not next to my body in cold temps. My replacement research is outdated now, so I'd like your...
  7. Grado Diesel

    Transition from iPod “sound” back to FiiO X3

    I’ve been an owner of FiiO X3ii’s for over two years now (I’m on my 3rd one due to issues with durability) Before that I had run nothing but iPods for 10 years. I had been out of a FiiO for 7 weeks while waiting on a replacement from the company and just got my new X3ii this weekend. In that...
  8. DiscoProJoe

    DiscoProJoe’s Rockbox EQ Presets, Version 5.1 (complete user guide)

    ***This has now been updated from Version 5.0 to Version 5.1*** (Edit date: January 26, 2021) If you can install Rockbox firmware on your beloved iPod Classic or on any other compatible music player, or if you already have this firmware, then you’re in for a real treat! Furthermore, if you also...