iTunes various formats to iPod Classic 160
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Nov 18, 2017
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Not sure where to post this exactly. I’ve been ripping CDs to a NAS to use my Bluesound Node 2 and DAC to listen to. I’ve converted CDs to ALAC. I have been transferring to my iPod Classic 160 as well, and as you can imagine...I am quickly running out of space.
For me, I spend most of my time listening to Jazz. To save space, I’d like to sent all my rock music to the iPod as AAC in the highest quality, and Jazz in full rez ALAC. Is there a way in iTunes to send one genre in AAC and Jazz in ALAC? Tried forever and can’t find a solution
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if you mange your music library by hand you should be able to sync individual genres/albums/artists in whatever original format they're in your iTunes library.

my suggestion though: select "convert to 256KB" on the fly option and just load, i promise you won't hear a difference.

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