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  1. opiumhum

    IMR Acoustics EDP (Every Day Planar)

    As suggested in the RAH thread, here's a new thread for the just announced Every Day Planar by IMR Acoustics: I own the RAH (which is the absolutely best IEM I have ever owned) and couldn't resist to grab this one as well. My planar IEM love started...
  2. IMR Acoustics R2 Aten

    IMR Acoustics R2 Aten

    The R2 Aten is an exquisite open backed in-ear monitor incorporating an all new bespoke IMR driver. Fully customisable via the all new interchangeable acoustics nozzles and dampers to give you a multitude of settings for your perfect sound signature, the Aten allow you to alter every aspect of...
  3. IMR Acoustics R1 Zenith

    IMR Acoustics R1 Zenith

    The R1 Zenith's bass has been controlled even further along with an elevated midrange and more precision in the upper registers. All these improvements have lifted the R1 Zenith's abilities to another level. Tuned to perfection using IMR's Gen II custom 13mm Ceramic hybrid driver unit...