IMR Acoustics EDP (Every Day Planar)
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Dec 25, 2017
As suggested in the RAH thread, here's a new thread for the just announced Every Day Planar by IMR Acoustics:

I own the RAH (which is the absolutely best IEM I have ever owned) and couldn't resist to grab this one as well. My planar IEM love started with the P1, but this one looks like what the P1 should have been in the first place. Unbeatable price as well.



Planar technology is starting to become a staple of the in-ear monitor with more and more companies finding new ways to implement micro planar drivers.

Sadly too many are poorly implemented and offer mediocre sound.

The EDP is here to obliterate any other planar in-ear monitor in the sub £300 price bracket and many more priced above!

IMR has been working with a dedicated planar manufacturing partner to produce some of the most amazing IEM's such as the RAH and PB ONE.

For many the price point of these units is cost prohibitive. They are extremely specialist and the costs involved to produce them are extremely high.

For one time only I would like to make planar technology available to the majority. This will be the first and last budget planar product IMR will produce!

The EDP is a fully isolated in-ear monitor featuring a 10mm precision planar driver and a 9mm titanium dynamic and has been in development since June 2019.

This combination offers the immense detail and lush vocals that only a planar can produce with the titanium driver taking care of bass duties.

Detail retrieval is spectacular with holographic instrument placement. Vocals are supremely present but never overpowering. Midrange is hugely engaging and with no bleed from the lower registers messing with the midrange sound. Bass is ultra fast, precise while still retaining a fun element. Treble is crisp and precise without being harsh.

The EDP is the most isolating IMR product to date and as such makes them great for everything from commuting to stage work.

Featuring detachable cables and a new filter system to tune to your taste.


  • Planar hybrid driver configuration consisting of a precision 10mm planar magnetic driver and a 9mm titanium dynamic driver
  • 6 acoustic tuning nozzles
  • 2 Pin detachable cable (3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced or optional 4.4mm balanced)
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 102 +/- 3DB
  • Frequency response: 10- 40000Hz
  • 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack
  • 1.4M length OFC cable
  • Semi hard carry Case
  • 6.5mm Adapter
  • Soft pocket case
  • Huge selection of ear tips for the perfect fit
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The Tin P1 opened my eyes and ears to the possibility of small form in-ear Planar. To me they were / still are ground breaking. The detail retrieval and resolution Tin was able to achieve for $150 retail is astounding. But they are more difficult to drive and just can't reach down low, which is not to say they have no bass, they do, they just need a lot of juice to extract it. I always said that if Tin came out with a DD Planar hybrid, I'd be all over it. So far they haven't. That's where the oBravo Cupid came in. 6mm DD + 8mm Planar = optomism. Unfortunately, They just didn't cut it for me. In my opinion, the P1 at 1/3rd the price still blows the Cupid away. The Cupid added bass and sub bass but did something I can't describe to the timbre of the mids- which I didn't altogether mind, but the crispness, clarity, resolution, and airiness that the P1 proved was possible, just wasn't there in the Cupid. The higher registers just always sounded veiled no matter what tip cable or source. As others gushed over it, I was just plain disappointed.

So when Bob announced the RAH with that big bad DD, Piezo and Planar I was cautiously optomisitic. After the requisite burn-in (and even before) they quickly became my most adored and listened to IEM - they've got everything, deep controlled fast bass, lush mids and spectacular clarity detail, sparkle and resolution up top - they've got everything except isolation and flush fit. When I'm home or quiet environments, or I need situational awareness they're pretty much all I listen to. The reasons for me and for so many others as to why they are adored is well documented on the RAH thread.

Enter the EDP, I am truly stoked about this one. I know it's being positioned as IMRs first and only budget Planar but I think it's Exactly the IEM I've been looking for/ waiting for. We all know the IMR house sound by now and the signature bass Bob is known for, but he's also proven he knows what he's doing with small form Planar. I have been longing for a DD + Planar hybrid that sits flush in the ear to be my sleep friendly travel buddies that isolate well for all those air miles. I wrote to Bob to confirm sizing and here's what he came back with:
The length (front to back of ear) is 20mm, height is 16mm (from base to top of cable connector area) and depth is 10.5mm. Also the sound nozzle is now slimmer also for better insertion and they really do sit nicely within the ear and are supremely comfortable.
It's been great to be on this audio journey with all of you and to experience Bob's progression. I'm genuinely enthusiastic about the EDP and fully trust it will be everything and more than I hoped for in the Cupid.
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Nobody has them yet, they start shipping end of May at the earliest if I am not mistaken.
You're right. Orders close end of March capped at total number of 500 Units, shipping end of May. Like all of IMR releases to date - produced to order.
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I own the R1 as well as the Rah and i'm tempted to get these as well.
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Time to practice some patience the order just went in, let the anticipation begin.
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Just sold my R1. Pre-order going in today.
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Think this can be powered off of a phone?
It should be absolutely no problem. The RAHS work off my phone, tablet and even anemic airline systems with out issue. The Tin P1 has a slightly lower impedance but is also quite a bit less sensitive and they work fine of phone and tablet also. The EDP should be much more efficient.
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Wrong thread
You were asking about the EDP, Right? Then its the right thread, I was answering your question about EDP and drivability off a PHONE using P1 and RAH as reference points. Maybe you're youre on the wrong thread?
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Well, I sold the P1 this morning and while I'll miss them, gotta admit I'm getting pretty excited about receiving the EDP.
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