iem recommendation
  1. A

    [IEM] upgrade recommandation 500-1000$

    Hello everyone. I want to upgrade my IEM, I was using for many years a pair of UM2 from Westone. On my Desktop, i’m using a Sennheiser HD660S & MX3 amp (from Topping) for everything (Music, TV Shows/Movies, Gaming). This pair of IEM will only be used for listening to music on the move. I...
  2. Alvadora

    IEM Recommendation

    Hi, I'm looking for IEM recommendations (custom or universal). I'm currently using a headphone set up with a iFi nano IDSD BL as a DAC/pre-amp to a Darkvoice 336SE tube amp to my HD600 and I really enjoy the warmth and spacious feeling I get out of the tubeamp. I use the same nano IDSD BL on the...
  3. goodyfresh

    Recommendations for IEM's under $100

    Hi guys, So I had a pair of Trinity Delta (the first version) IEM's that I really liked, but unfortunately, I have now lost them as I accidentally left them on an Amtrak train. As a result, I need to purchase something to replace them. The things that are important to me are: 1. A...
  4. takeitblue

    Recipe for perfect sub $50 IEMs

    If any earphone maker would like to craft a perfect earphones/IEMs in sub $50, which would satisfy and be acclaimed by majority (reviewers too), he should take as a reference the AKG Y30 (successors of the legendary K420), with all its sound features, beginning from soundstage and holography...
  5. malalol

    Portable solution + IEM under $350 (Dragonfly? Cowon Plenue D?)

    Dear fellas, I listen mostly to metal, progressive rock and jazz. I'm looking forward to a balanced sound signature with great soundstage. A slightly v-shaped frequency response would be OK if the soundstage is spacious, airy and detailed. I've been looking into a DAP + IEM combo to use mostly...
  6. S

    Replacement for lost RHA MA750s? With comfy over-ear clips?

    I had a pair of RHA MA750s, but they got lost. I’d like to improve on them by fit/comfort. The 750s came with 20 different tips that I fidgeted with endlessly to find the right fit that stayed in my ear...the RHA MA750s were a tad heavy which contributed to them popping out. Also, maybe I...