Replacement for lost RHA MA750s? With comfy over-ear clips?
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Jul 14, 2018
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I had a pair of RHA MA750s, but they got lost. I’d like to improve on them by fit/comfort.

The 750s came with 20 different tips that I fidgeted with endlessly to find the right fit that stayed in my ear...the RHA MA750s were a tad heavy which contributed to them popping out. Also, maybe I have an ear topography/canal that is a bit harder fit than typical…I’ve always struggled with tips—maybe IEMs with added over-ear clips would help? I do like IEMs for their portability...

Can I get a recommendation?

—$200 max price point, maybe a touch higher for something special
— some kind of over-the-ear clip for added stability that is comfortable?
— I did like that the RHAs were metal and very solid in construction, but they were heavy

Thanks so much for your expertise! The knowledge on here is incredible--sites like this are, to me, what's best about the internet.
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