1. Hisenior T2 Classic

    Hisenior T2 Classic

    About T2 Classic T2 Classic Universal In-ear monitor with Dual Knowles professional drivers CI+ED, the most advanced 2BAs In-ear monitor e for emerging artists, musicians(Drummer/Bassist/Vocalist/Guitarist) New Smaller Mold with Egger Allery Free Resin at Solid black Design, Perfect Ear-fitting...
  2. Hisenior N3

    Hisenior N3

  3. Hisenior B5+

    Hisenior B5+

  4. Hisenior T4

    Hisenior T4

  5. HiSenior B8

    HiSenior B8

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hisenior-B8-8-16BAs-Universal-Fit-Balanced-Armature-In-Ear-Monitor-UIEM-Noise-Cancelling-Custom-Earphone/32826098678.html Drivers: 8 Knowles balanced armature Drivers per side Frequency Division: 4 crossover, 3 precise sound bores, 3 Knowles sound filters...