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Pros: Very midcentric IEM that is great for acoustic, vocals, jazz type genres.
Non fatiguing
Excellent timbre and accuracy of tone
Nice accessories
Excellent imaging, instrument separation
Good details, clarity
Good build quality
Good isolation
Cons: Not for trebleheads or bassheads due to roll off at either end of frequency spectrum
Not an allrounder due to its tuning. Not suitable for some genres like EDM or bass predominant songs
Fitting may be issue for some due to short nozzle
May require EQ to bring out the best in the frequency spectrum
I bought this IEM at halfprice off at the recent aliexpress sale at my own expense.

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- Driver: 5 Balanced Armatures (Knowles)
- Sensitivity: 102dB
- Cable: MMCX detachable cable (there's an option to get a 2 pin connector on the shell for slightly extra cost)
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
- Impedence: 20Ω

In addition to the IEM, it comes with:
- IP65 waterproof casing - seems to be a special offer during the August Aliexpress sale (usually it is a non waterproof one)
- X8 8 Core OCC cable - seems to be a special offer during the August Aliexpress sale (usually it is a 4 core SPC one)
- multiple foam and silicone tips of various sizes and bore sizes
- cleaning cloth

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WhatsApp Image 2019-09-16 at 22.49.07.jpeg

Excellent quality resin build. In fact Hisenior can customize the shell design and colour for you and whether you want the Hisenior logo on the shell. I got a plain black one without the logo.
It is light and the shell is on the larger side. A small bugbear of mine is that the nozzle is short. So with prolonged usage, I encountered the shell coming into contact with my ear and this causes a tinge of discomfort. I managed to mitigate this by using a longer nozzle eartip (spinfit CP100) so the shell is elevated away from contacting my ears. Though this comes at a small expense of changing the sound signature compared to the stock tips.
Hisenior also gives you an option to get a 2 pin connector on the shell for a slightly extra cost if you are worried about the durability of its stock MMCX connector.

Excellent, assuming you have a good fit and good eartips. The shell itself covers the ear and blocks out a lot of sound. I had no issues using this on the subway/bus. Their store claims with a good fit there is a -18dB isolation, and I think it is thereabouts. It loses in isolation to my gold standard of isolating IEMs (the Audiosense T800) by a bit, but I think it would be better than most budget CHIFI IEMs.

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-16 at 22.52.14.jpeg

I tested this with a desktop -> Khadas Tone board -> Fiio A3 and android -> Tempotec Sonata HD. The Hisenior B5+ is easily drivable and can be used on smart phones without any external amping. I didn't have any hiss with this IEM on laptops/PC/smartphones. It scales better with a good source and good DAC/AMP.

This IEM is very unique in that it is one of the rare midcentric CHIFI IEMs in the market. The bass and treble is rolled off at the extreme frequencies. Hence I would term it "n" shaped instead of the usual L/V/U shaped signatures we see nowadays in the consumer market.

Importantly, I would only recommend this IEM for genres that shine with a midcentric predominant sound signature, such as for vocals, acoustic/guitar songs, jazz. These are my mainstay genres that I listen to and hence I got this IEM for this reason. Even then, I am a part time basshead and I did need to EQ my subbass and midbass up by a few dB to really enjoy the music. The Hisenior B5+ takes to EQ very well, so no worries on that point. But I think for those that like a non fatiguing, somewhat neutralish tuning, this will suit you.
Bassheads and trebleheads will find the Hisenior B5+ boring and lacking. EDM and electronic music lovers would definitely not appreciate this IEM IMHO.

In fact, the Hisenior rep I spoke to says they can tune their custom and universal IEMs to their customers' liking, at no extra charge. I was initial thinking of boosting the bass when I ordered the Hisenior B5+ as the few reviews that are available mentioned the lack of bass. But I was worried that this may affect the lush mids that influenced me to purchase it in the first place, so I decided to just stick with the stock tuning, and maybe use EQ to boost the bass.

The Hisenior B5+ is very very tip dependent, and I found that widebore silicone ones would boost the bass, and foam tips made the music more lifeless. Unfortunately due to the short nozzle, the shell would press on my ear after prolonged listening, and hence I had to stick with using spinfits with it (as mentioned above).

It has very precise imaging and instrument separation despite its above average soundstage (see below). It has a very dark background that allows instruments and vocals to be projected clearly. Clarity and details are excellent as expected of a 5 BA knowles setup, but it loses in this area to my goldstandard pure BA setup, the 8 BA knowles Audiosense T800.

The bass quality is excellent as per a BA Knowles bass, in terms of timbre, accuracy and speed. Unfortunately, there is a notable subbass roll off (in quantity and extension) and I felt the overall quantity of midbass was also lacking. But then again, I am a basshead so maybe those that prefer a neutralish tuned bass may appreciate it. I had to EQ the subbass and bass a few dB up to enjoy my music, YMMV.

The mids are the best part of this IEM and the reason why I bought it. To me it seems the lower mids are more elevated than the rest of the frequency, with a dip in the lower treble/upper mids, contrary to the usual CHIFI peak in the lower treble/upper mids area. Lovers of acoustic guitars, vocals will have a field day listening to this IEM. Timbre of instruments and voices are very accurate, almost as good as some pure single DD IEMs that I have heard.

There is a dip in the lower treble, but after that it extends quite well till a roll off in the higher frequencies. I didn't hear any sibilance or harshness and it is very non fatiguing. Due to the slight dip in lower treble, some details may be lost compared to other brighter multi BA/hybrid IEMs like the Audiosense T800, so this is a slight tradeoff I feel.

Soundstage is above average compared to other hybrids/multi BA IEMs due to the midfoward signature.

1) Audiosense T800
Both are knowles multi BA setups, but the Audiosense T800 has 8 BA compared to the 5 BA Hisenior B5+.
T800 is better in terms of clarity, instrument separation, details, bass (quality and quantity), fit, isolation and soundstage.
The Hisenior B5+ has lush boosted mids (especially lower mids) that are better than the T800.
Timbre wise the T800 is very slightly less accurate than the Hisenior B5+, but the two of them are definitely better in timbre than most of the CHIFI multi BA/hybrids out there.

2) KZ ZS10 Pro
Suprisingly, the ZS10 Pro (4BA + 1 DD) has better details and clarity due to its brighter tuning. Bass is also of better quantity than the Hisenior B5+, as expected of a DD bass, though quality is not as good as Hisenior B5+'s bass. Imaging and instrument separation is less precise on the ZS10 Pro, and timbre, soundstage, isolation and build is not as good as the Hisenior B5+.

3) Westone W30
The Hisenior B5+ is better in clarity, details, instrument separation than the Westone W30, which is a 3 BA setup. For a pure BA bass, the Westone W30 is not too bad in terms of quantity and quality, and maybe that area and the fit/comfort is the only aspect that is better than the Hisenior B5+ IMHO.

This IEM is a specialist IEM that would suit midcentric lovers who like genres like jazz, vocals and acoustic songs. I wouldn't recommend it for trebleheads or bassheads for sure, and not for certain genres like EDM, techno, electronic music.
Imaging and instrument separation is outstanding. It's timbre and tonal accuracy is also excellent, maybe better than some DD type IEMs I have heard.
It does require a bit of work with finding a eartip that suits you, and may require EQ for some of us. But I think it is excellent if you know what sound signature and music preference this IEM truly shines with.
It won't displace the T800 as my endgame multi BA IEM for now, but it's a keeper for me for a non fatiguing sound and lush mids for my favourite jazz and vocal songs.
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Previously known as presata
Pros: Very forward and lush midrange, dark background with precise imaging, clean and extended treble, very good isolation, excellent build and look, great value for the money
Cons: mid and upper bass bump, rolled of sub bass, dip in the lower treble, short nozzle,
mids can be too forward for some
DrpatKLUcAAui_Q.jpg large.jpeg

source for the review - Sabaj DA3

Songs used for the review
Jim Keltner - Improvisation
Eric Clapton - My father's Eyes
Nah Youn Sun - My Favorite Things
Inception - Dream Collapsing
Steve Strauss - Youngstown
Stimulus Timbre - Expression
Diana Krall – Let's Fall in Love
Trevor Jones - Clear The Tracks!
The DALI CD - Zhao Cong , Moonlight on Spring River
Baba-Yaga, for orchestra, Op. 56
Rebecca Pidgeon - Grandmother
Sara K - Maritime
Trevor Jones - Promentory
Patricia Barber - Regular Pleasures
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Marcin Przybylowicz - Go Back Whence You Came
James Horner - Going After Newt
Hans Zimmer - Dream Is Collapsing
Hans Zimmer - Molossus
Harry Gregson - Emergency Launch
Shpongle - Shpongle Spores
Dizzy Gillespie - Could it Be You
Dominik Eulberg - Björn Borkenkäfer
Trentemøller - The Forest
Kryptic Minds And Leon Switch - Ocean Blue
Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York (Album)
Xiomara Laugart - Tears and Rumba (2015) [192-24](Album)
Xiomara Laugart (2006) Xiomara (24-96)(Album)
Xiomara Laugart (2010) La Voz (24-88)(Album)

5 knowles BAs per side
3 way crossover, two bores
sensitivity - 103db
impedance - 20ohm
removable cable with mmcx conectors
6 pairs silicone and 3 pairs foam eartips
protective case
1.2m silver plated OCC 4 core cable
variety of color options
resin made body
Price - around 100$

They say "if you love something, be short when you write about it"
So this is gonna be short.

At the beginning of my audio journey i was not sure what i really like.
Until i got Ortofon Q5.
The difference from my normal headphones at that point was the mid range, it was incredibly forward, the voices had that very alive and close to you feeling, like the singer sing half meter from you.
I was thinking at that time "man, that ting is very addictive, it is strange with synths and electronic music but with vocals, i don't want to listen other headphones with vocal music"
The problem was the fragile cable and treble grain, so i let them go hoping that i could find something similar but more durable and with removable cable.
Before one year i was lurking on aliexpress for BA earphone. Something in 100 $ price range.
I was using the search engine and the brand Hisenior came out.
The B5+ was the cheapest model from their BA line and with Knowles drivers, one of them knowles 26989(the same one in the Etymotic ER4S), i decided to bite the bullet on that one, the build was nice, good drivers, i was thinking "let's see"

Build, fit and comfort
The build is solid, they are like half filed with resin, the nozzle is short but they are very ergonomic so the fit should be fine.
The cable is stiff, aftermarket cable is a must for me, tips are fine, the red ones are the same that come with a lot of chi fi in ears.
The comfort is very good, the shape is well thought and they are not very big.

Strong isolation when you have good fit

Overall sound signature.
warm, VERY mid forward, clean and extended treble

The bass is good not great, it rolls of at the sub bass area, it has a bump in the upper and mid bass, it is very full and interesting sounding with real instruments, never bloated because of the good speed, but is a little bit much for me stock without EQ, too warm kind of bass.

Ah the strong point, they are all about the mids.
The mids are dominating the whole signature, when you listen to Fiona Apple for example her voice is in your face. Strong, full and lush.
It is a little bit strange if you are coming from a neutral sounding earphone, but once you taste it, there is no way back.
The mids are strong in the lower to middle midrange, think from 500hz - 1.5khz.
With vocal music they are a real treat, with jazz, accustic, indie music, you get the point.
The problem with such a powerful midrange is when you start listening to electronic music and metal, the instruments that are in this area sound very forward as well, some may like it, i don't.

The treble has a dip in the lower range, but mid and upper treble are there, so the treble is more fine and airy, there is no grain, the extension is very good, one disadvantage for that tuning is that the cymbals are not very crunchy, i personally like that type of tuning, in quantity the treble is there, is not dark or bright.
Overall very nice clean treble.

Soundstage and imaging.
The soundstage is very good, probably because of that treble tunning, i find earphones with lack of upper treble to suffer in the soundstage department in general, with B5 that is not the case.
The imaging is great, the background is very dark, the instruments are very well separated and very specific.

EQ settings
With upper and mid bass reduction the sound is improved, they retain the lushness but the overall warmth is not too much, also the sub bass response is improved.
Screenshot (260).png

They are not all rounders, but for vocals they can be very intense in a good way.
Happy holidays

Edit - they make customs of the B5+ too, awesome work
Enjoyed your review. I had a pair of B8s from hisenior as well and I really dont think its worth the money paid. From your review B5+ seems better value for money.
These IEMs look dope but there are not many reviews on them. Thanks @FastAndClean for the good review. I don't have many mid centric IEMs and they interest me a lot.
I saw at the upcoming AE sale they are going for $79 USD with upgraded storage box and cables added in. very tempted to pull the trigger.
Is there a difference between the Hisenior B5+ and a B5? Is there even a regular B5 version?
B5+ is the updated version, have no idea if the regular B5 is still in production


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