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  1. Tron Antares Signature Headphone Amplifier

    Tron Antares Signature Headphone Amplifier

    Features High Current Class A design gives a life like dynamic sound. Specially selected high current active devices used throughout. Output stage designed to easily drive all dynamic headphones. Massively overrated power supplies for effortless dynamic range. Dual Mono Linear power supplies for...
  2. Mass Kobo 475

    Mass Kobo 475

  3. Apos Audio

    Introducing the VMV P2 High-Resolution Desktop Headphone Amplifier - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here’s another exciting launch we’d like to share with the community. The VMV P2 High-Resolution Desktop Headphone Amp takes your sonic connection a step further with even more to offer. This amplifier comes with a robust 12W output per channel, and its user-friendly design features...
  4. Currawong

    The Enleum HPA-23RM Discussion Thread

    So, 8 years ago I got the HPA-01M from Drop, and wasn't impressed. Enleum just sent me the HPA-23RM for review and this time things are totally different. Even out of the voltage port with the Utopias (2022, that sound comically bloated out of the current port, due to having an uneven...
  5. dCS Team

    The Lina Headphone Amplifier: Flexibility

    In the third and final instalment of this series, we take a look at flexibility, highlighting some of the important features that help ensure the Lina Headphone Amplifier can excel with any pair of headphones, and any DAC or source device. Balanced inputs: Designing for a range of DACs and...
  6. dCS Team

    The Lina Headphone Amplifier: Linearity

    Read in full at the dCS Edit Our series exploring key design and performance aspects of the Lina Headphone Amplifier continues with a look at linearity. Here, we explain why delivering excellent linearity was a core concern for the dCS design team, and the steps we took to achieve this...
  7. Edwin123bo

    47 Laboratory Model 4749 “ARARE” Amplifier - 15wpc

    A recent check online for specs and reviews of my trusty 4706 revealed this new model that 47 labs has developed. Looks rather neat. 15w per channel, perfect for bookshelf speakers and hard-to-drive planars. Simple design with gorgeous wood finish, optional mm input and 6.35mm headphone output...
  8. MoonAudio

    Auris HA2SE+ Balanced Headphone Amplifier - Now Available and in Stock

    HA2SE+ Balanced Headphone Amplifier Auris Audio $2,300.00 Amplifier The star has been born again and the successor of the famous HA-2SE amplifier is ready for the market to rise even higher than its predecessor. The HA-2SE was one of the best-selling devices from the Auris product range which...
  9. Apos Audio

    The TOPPING DX5 Lite DAC/Amp now available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's another exciting piece of news we'd like to share with you. We now carry the just-released TOPPING DX5 Lite. This multi-award-winning little brother of the DX5 boasts dual ESS DAC chips and TOPPING's top-of-the-line built-in NFCA amplifier, making it a benchmark for performance...
  10. Apos Audio

    Pre-order the HIFIMAN EF600 DAC/Amp on Apos Audio Now

    Hi all, We are thrilled to announce that we are now carrying HIFIMAN's just-revealed brand-new DAC/Amp, the HIFIMAN EF600. Pre-orders will be fulfilled by April 12th. Like the EF400, the EF600 is an R2R ladder digital-to-analog converter but with more features. It incorporates the company’s...
  11. Saberpunch

    Allnic HPA-5000XL "The Korean OTL/OCL Headphone Amp Beast (The Updated Version )" 🙂

    I haven't heard too many posts on Allnic products in this forum except a few. There has been discussion on the Allnic HPA-5000XL, but for some reason, there isn't any dedicated thread for the Allnic HPA-5000XL in this forum. There is one thread for the HPA-5000, but not the updated HPA-5000XL...
  12. davstev

    Option overload: Headphone life awaits, but mildly confused (w/ Valhalla 2)

    Hi all - So I am a primarily a speaker listener. But recently, I bought a new headphone amp - the Schiit Valhalla 2 with stock tubes. I want to pick up the best headphone, which I know is super subjective. I am considering buying ligthly used Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic, mostly. Considering...
  13. Apos Audio

    Apos' First Holiday Sale 2022!

    Hi all, We are excited to announce that Apos’ first holiday sale is up and running. Everyone can save 15% on top brands like TOPPING, Moondrop, SMSL, xDuoo, Singxer, and More! We price-match holiday deals from any other official retailers from now until the new year—so if you find a better...
  14. Apos Audio

    TOPPING E70 DAC and L70 Headphone Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, As we gear towards the holiday season, we wanted to let you know that TOPPING just launched a brand-new stack that is now available on Apos Audio. May we present the TOPPING E70 DAC and the L70 Fully Balanced NFCA Headphone Amplifier which packs an incredible number of features and...
  15. Apos Audio

    TOPPING A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier Reviews Compendium on Apos

    Hi all, The A90 Discrete, or A90D, is an upgraded version of the groundbreaking A90 which is a balanced amp and pre-amp with a tremendously clean and powerful output. The reception of TOPPING's flagship Headphone Amplifier is overwhelming and we're collecting the reviews all in one convenient...
  16. J

    Amplifier for AKG K702 Annies

    Hello, A proud owner of a pair of AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition headphones here. So far I've been running my Annies with an Objective 2 as according to many, it should be more than good enough. However, some people claim that the headphones would perform even better if fed more, so I wonder...
  17. AuneAudio

    aune X1s GT Bluetooth edition is here!

    X1s GT DAC with headphone amplifier, the 8th gen and the milestone of the classic aune X1 series The Bluetooth edition NOW AVAILABLE! ☞ http://en.auneaudio.com/index.php?s=Home/Article/detail/id/59.html ☞ Price: 349 EUR ☞ Find your local distributors here...
  18. Anode Acoustics PCL82 № 1 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Anode Acoustics PCL82 № 1 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Anode Acoustics is a boutique audio electronics manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. They specialise in handcrafted headphone and speaker amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and power amplifiers too. The Anode Acoustics #1 HP AMP is a tube amplifier designed for high-end headphones between 32 ohms...
  19. elira

    TCA HPA-10 headphone amplifier - Discussion & Impressions

    From the website (link):
  20. Wells Audio Dragon

    Wells Audio Dragon

    The list of design criteria was long one for the new Wells Audio Dragon amplifiers. The goal was no less than to match the legendary performance levels of the Wells Milo and Headtrip solid state headphone amplifiers at even lower price points with the addition of the incorporation of the...
  21. TSAVWayne

    MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier (In Stock & Available For Demo)

    From TSAV. In Stock & Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar, The New MHA200 Tube Headphone Amplifier. For more info, go here. https://thesourceav.com/product-detail.php?p=1172&b=6&c=3
  22. godmax

    Ferrum OOR - headphone amplifier with a soul ?

    After their first product the HYPSOS power supply, it seems like the HEM brand will also enter the headphone amplifier market soon: Ferrum OOR Gain (dB): balanced -4 dB, + 6dB, +16 dB / single ended -10 dB, 0 dB, 10 dB Operation: Fully balanced, proprietary discrete power amp technology...
  23. Lake People G111

    Lake People G111

    Product page: https://power-holdings-inc.com/Lake-People-G111-Headphone-Amplifier-p137192152 Specs: Line I/O: 2 x XLR, gold plated & 2 x Cinch RCA, gold plated Headphone outputs: 2 Amplifier channels: 2 Frequency response: 5 Hz – 60 kHz (-0.5 dB) / 3 Hz – 150 kHz (-3 dB) max. input...
  24. HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    HeadAmp GS-X Mini

    From HeadAmp Website: Features • Balanced 4pin Output • SE 1/4" Phones OUT • Low & High Gain options • 1 Pair Single Ended RCA Input • 1 Pair 3pin XLR Input • 1x stereo pair RCA Outputs • 1x stereo pair XLR Outputs • Standalone Preamp Function • PRE-Amp Switch: Enables Pre Outs & mutes...
  25. Cayin HA-1AMK2

    Cayin HA-1AMK2

    2 headphone outputs with slightly different sound characteristics 5 output impedance settings works well with some lo-Z and planar headphones preamp output 2 inputs Lots of power...up to 2.2wpc at 600 ohms!