1. Maxx134

    HD800(x) Ultimate

    SOLD.. Hello this is an HD800 modded with every conceivable upgrade: 1-Removal of stock connectors. 2-Replacement of Internal wiring with thick silver wiring. 3-installation of mini XLR connectors. 4-driver edge metal ring removal and replacement with vibration damping (below) and felt ...
  2. tokendog

    SOLD: Like New Sennheiser HD-800s Headphones

    Hello all, For sale is my lightly used Sennheiser HD-800s headphones. These are by far some of the best headphones I have ever heard and easily address the issues that I had with the original HD-800 which is the lack of bass presence. These have been lightly used and have no...
  3. M

    Sennheiser Electronics HD800S my first pair of headphones

    Sennheiser Electronics HD800S my first pair of headphones. Now I need to figure out a great matching amp/dac combo for these 300 ohm Headphones. I want a balanced setup. 3k budget. Been checking out the Auralic Vega / Taurus II combo. Any others I should be considering? Thanks for the help
  4. JoeDoe


    Just like the title says. My Hugo is LNIB.
  5. ctaxxxx

    SOLD - HD800 4-pin XLR Balanced Cable

    Cable is in great condition. Compatible with HD800 and HD800S only. Includes box as well (for cables sold separately). I'm asking for $250 + shipping. PP fees included.
  6. ptolemy2k6


  7. TheGame

    Genuine Replacement Cable for SENNHEISER HD800 HD800S Headphones 10ft

    I have a Genuine Replacement Cable for SENNHEISER HD800 HD800S Headphones 10ft cable for sale, like brand new. I bought a replacement cable with an XLR balanced connector so I no longer need the original cable. Amazon sells is for $219...
  8. sharon124

    Sennheiser HD800S headphone and HDVA600 AMP for SALE

    both are in mint condition. Both item will sell for 390000LKR( 2558USD) Item is in SriLanka . Main city COLOMBO.(24KM from AirPort) exact...
  9. fattycheesebeef

    [AUS] BNIB HD800S

    I have 1 brand new in box and used HD800S. No introduction is needed for this legend. Bought it from an authorised dealer! ~ 2 years international warranty ~ Sorry, purely sales, no trades. Thank you :) New: SOLD Used: SOLD Full complete box with accessories!
  10. ctaxxxx

    SOLD - Sennheiser HD800S

    SOLD Selling my HD800S. In great condition. * Price includes shipping and fees (CONUS only).
  11. juanix

    IC: Sennheiser HD800S and HDVD800

    Considering selling my HD800S and HDVD800 which are both in excellent condition. The HD800S was purchased new in January and was used infrequently. The HDVD800 was purchased like-new and works perfectly and is in excellent condition. HD800S includes original box, Sennheiser 1/4 inch cable and...
  12. Noobeh

    ***[SOLD]*** Sennheiser HD800S - Excellent Cond. - Pure Silver Cable

    Please read everything below before asking questions [Reason For Sale]: Looking to get into CIEM's Funds from sale will most likely go towards that [Condition]: Excellent, no scratches or dings after my inspection Ear pads have very little wear (plenty of life left) Always stored in Pelican...
  13. Energy


    Sennheiser HD800S (https://en-us.sennheiser.com/high-resolution-headphones-3d-audio-hd-800-s) NEOTECH OCC SILVER internal wiring The upgraded wires improves bass articulation, imaging, separation, and detail retrieval over the stock HD800S. As you know, the original HD800 has less 2nd...
  14. audiokid

    Sennheiser HD800S

    For Sale, Sennheiser HD800S. Very light use, they come boxed and as new, with all accessories and the balanced cable too. Truly magnificent headphones. They're not getting much use due to lots of travel and using the Sennheiser IE800 on the move. A chance to own some of the best headphones...
  15. audiophilehelp

    Want to buy: HD800 S for $1100!

    Looking to buy HD800 S in good condition! CAN PAY ASAP. PM me!
  16. lexipenia

    Sennheiser CH 800 S XLR Cable for HD800/HD800S

    I bought this cable from a head-fi user, but it's still as good as new and works perfectly. I'm selling it because I wanted a longer XLR cable. I have the original packaging, but there is a large sticker on it, since the previous seller just sent it to me in the box. I can ship it with tracking...
  17. thyname

    *** SOLD *** Balanced cable for Sennheiser HD800 - 8 feet - 4 Pin XLR

    *****. SOLD **** This is a balanced 4 pin XLR cable 8' with Double Helix HD800 connectors that I had custom made professionally with the following materials: - Premium build with quad OFC copper in black parachord and braided cables 4 pin XLR balance connector - Double Helix HD800...
  18. Mad Lust Envy

    Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (3/10/2020: Updates to Audeze LCD-1, Mobius, Fixed Missing Images)

    Latest Updates 3-10-2020 Ok guys, so I have made a substantial update... Audeze LCD-1 Review (added update in the build quality/cups section. Minor entry talking about Audeze having fixed the cable entries.) Audeze Mobius Review (added optional Cryo Pads entry in the review's accessories...