1. Table

    Best IEM for <$200

    I currently use Klipsch Image s4's and I am planning on upgrading soon. I mainly listen to indie/alternative rock. Thank you for helping.
  2. Aerinqq

    UE Triple Fi 10 vs pro version? run/alternatives

    Hi everyone, can anyone tell me the difference between Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 and Triple Fi pro version? I can get the normal version for 200 USD (beeing refered as noise isolating version on ebay) but the pro version seems to be around 400 the difference rly that big? Or am I...
  3. acti0n

    Any IEMs in the $200 range that compete with full-sized headphones for comfort?

    I primarily listen to vocal trance and other electronic music. I really loved the comfort of the Sony MDR-1R, but after going through multiple replacements due to build quality issues (creaks and jack rattle), I'm finding there are shockingly few full-sized alternatives that even come close with...
  4. k923

    t-Jays four style headphone?

    Are there any other headphones that have the same style as the t-Jays?   Angled Nozzle. Other portion of earphone sits in ear and is semi flat. Has iPhone controls.   I really didn't like the short cord on the t-Jays.  I have tried apple earpods and bose triports and they are both...
  5. czyzler

    IEM Earguide replacements GR07

    Hey all.  I was wondering if anyone knew what these earguide thingys are called and where I can get better ones.  I got these with my GR07s and they seem to be of low quality in that the wire constantly comes out, especially when working out at the gym.  I searched Amazon and Google for...
  6. Spandy87

    GR07 nozzle loose

    On the right side of my new GR07, the metal nozzle that contains the driver is loose from the housing (the black plastic part). It almost seems like there is some sort of ball swivel in the inside of the plastic housing, is this normal? It's stiff, but definitely movable. The left side doesn't...
  7. Dangerous

    Sony ZX stereo series headphones vs. JVC HA-S500 over ear headphones?

    I've pretty much taken it down to the two headphones. I found the sony's just by searching their site and reading the reviews. And the JVC was suggested to me by a user on this site.   My main needs our: good sound quality, portability, and a price range from $50 - $150   BTW: there...
  8. devilmonk

    Has anything emerged better than Shure SE215 in its price range?

    Is Shure SE215 still the leader of ~$100 earbuds? I've been browsing the forums for a while and it seems like they were the best for several years, but they came out in 2011 and its 2015 now. Has any new In-ear surpassed it yet?
  9. burningv

    Universal IEMS for Death, Black, Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk < $300

    While I'm waiting for my JH13 Pro to be refitted a 5th time by Lime Ears, I need iems that are able to do the above genres some justice. My experiences with them has been mostly negative due to either fit issues or improper tonal balance. So far I've owned 3 universal iems: the Westone 3s, Gr07...
  10. GR07 Classic Silver

    GR07 Classic Silver

    The GR07 Classic is the 3rd iteration in the famous GR07 series. Like the previous iterations, it retains the monitoring sound quality at that it is known for. The GR07 classic brings to the table more variety of colours as well as lower price point so that more people could enjoy it. NOTE: THIS...