Any IEMs in the $200 range that compete with full-sized headphones for comfort?
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Apr 17, 2012
I primarily listen to vocal trance and other electronic music. I really loved the comfort of the Sony MDR-1R, but after going through multiple replacements due to build quality issues (creaks and jack rattle), I'm finding there are shockingly few full-sized alternatives that even come close with comfort. So, I've decided to explore what IEM alternatives might work for me.
What are the most comfortable IEMs in this price range?
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Comfort on IEMs would be entirely different from comfort on full-sized stuff. Might want to look thoroughly at what you're jumping into before making that assumption on comfort. Spring for something cheap like the GR99 or even just some random buy from a big-box store, just so you can try and see if you can adapt to the difference.
Also -
Oh and if you're really stuck on IEMs, the comfort scoring thing on ljokerl's review could be helpful:
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The UE6000 might give you,the comfort you want for full size.

For the music your mentioning you could check out the XBA40 (big bass) or XBA30 (more balanced but still good bass). You will have to use Tenso and Amazon JP to get in the price range you want though.

another comfortable option even more affordable would be the bass edition GR07.

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