fiio m6
  1. J

    Fiio m6 Tidal error

    Hi When opening the Tidal app on the m6 I get stuck trying to log in. ”Login failed due to an unexpected network error, please try again” Have tried resetting router and factory reset on the m6 to no avail. My connection and Tidal works fine on another unit, and been good on the m6 before. Any...
  2. FiiO

    FiiO releases the new firmware for M6/7/9 again!

    The following changes and improvements have been made in the new firmware: 1. Added grouping tracks by Album Artist category(You can select the Artist or Album Artist in the Settings->Artist List Display. This upgrade requires a database update, please scan for music again.); 2. Added...
  3. tas236

    [SOLD] FiiO M6

    SOLD Figured I'd post here before I took it to eBay. Great condition and functionality, just wasn't using it and need the cash. Original box and poly case included but no cables or SD cards.
  4. J

    Headphone advice (Fiio m6)

    Hi! New on the forums. Help would be much appreciated I have ordered a Fiio m6 and will be looking to get a good pair of in-ear headphones to use with it, when I’ve received the m6 and have an idea of its sound. The cheaper the better, but good. My apologies for the lack of succinctness below...
  5. L

    Fiio m6 Ebay

    Hello, this is my first post, do you think this device is original?
  6. alwass89

    FOR SALE: iBasso DX120

    I have a few DAPs for sale. All of them come in the original packaging with all the accessories that originally came with the DAP. They are all in excellent like new condition and I am the first owner of all of them. I can provide pictures upon requests. These are For Sale Only in the U.S...
  7. SilverLodestar

    [PRICE DROP] End-of-Summer Sale! FS: Audeze LCDi4, Campfire Andromeda S, Tin Hifi P1, Fiio M6, Shanling M0, Toneking T88K, Toneking Ninetail, KZ ZS10 Pro!

    Hey all. Today, I’m looking to clear out some good gear! I’m in the process of moving to a new house, so I’m in need of some funds. All items here are very well taken care of and come from a smoke-free environment. I’m looking to sell the following: Audeze LCDi4 + Cipher Cable — $1500 $1400 [...
  8. Papa253


    This is sold I'm selling my fiio m6. I'm going a different route, come with box and is in like new condition and original accessories- the screen protector. Or best offer If you pay asking price will include pp and shipping fees, within reason.
  9. clerkpalmer

    Fs: Fiio M6

    Literally brand new. Opened today and realized sadly that it is not compatible with my modi 3. $120 shipped. Can save a few bucks off a new one and I can avoid the hassle of a return.
  10. jason96

    Fiio M6 as new, complete

    Fiio M6 as new (less than 10 hours of use), complete with all the instructions, warranty and case. In mint condition, without any scratches or damage (see picture). Bought from Amazon (EA Audio) and I decided to buy the Fiio M11 as a upgrade. The warranty is unused and you can check the...
  11. C

    FiiiO M6 icons

    Hi. The M6 shows small coloured icons in title lists and individual tracks to indicate track quality. These show things like SQ, HQ, HD etc. I can kind of work out what they mean but can't seem to find them explained in user guides etc .The UI is the same as the M7 and M9, generally, and I've...
  12. Mirimar

    Sold: FiiO M6

    Less than 10 hours use. Note there is a small chip/mark on the back bottom left corner which was there out of the box. If selling within Australia, I will pay shipping and PayPal fees. International buyer needs to pay shipping please.