1. W

    Good alternavies for CAL!. Please help to choose the closed earphones for the office

    Hello everyone. I should choose the closed earphones for work ( I am a Software Developer, and it's typical situation when in the office is very noisy ). I am ready to spend on the earphones about 50-100$ ( yes, if we have super earphones bit a more expensive, than 100$, I am ready to spend bit...
  2. F

    LF: VE Zen 2.0 Black, White, or Omega Edition

    Pm me thru Fb https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100021895814866
  3. F

    VE Zen 2.0

  4. radsone

    EarStudio HE100 Impressions, Reviews & Discussions

    Welcome to HE100 impressions & reviews thread. Below is a brief information on HE100, High-Resolution Earphones. Excited to hear your thoughts on them! 1. Single Hi-Res Dynamic Driver The Unique 3 Layer Diaphragm of the driver delivers steady responsiveness across the whole frequency range...
  5. EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

    EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

    1. Single Hi-Res Dynamic Driver The Unique 3 Layer Diaphragm of the driver delivers steady responsiveness across the whole frequency range, therefore reducing partial vibration that appears frequently on conventional earphones in high frequency region. The Ring-Shaped Neodymium(Nd) Magnet...
  6. JChristian

    Recommend me a wireless gear for video watching without lag

    Right now I have a RHA MA750 that I'm fairly happy with, but I'd like to have a wireless option for listening while commuting and in the office, without cables getting in the way. I'm not an audiophile, but I also don't want trash audio gear. It must be small, so over-ear headphones is kinda...
  7. FLC Technology FLC8P

    FLC Technology FLC8P

    The FLC8P is the baby brother of the critically acclaimed FLC8N. It retains the FLC8N housing but now in a plastic shell. It also adopts the critically acclaimed FLC8N versatile tuning system that allows for 36 different sound signature. Difference FLC8N FLC8P Metal housing Plastic Housing 4...
  8. nofarewell

    Sony DR-A90C / DR-W70

    Hi All, I am here to look for a pair of old Sony DR-A90C and/or Sony DR-W70C. They are Sony vertical earbuds with mics. Please write me if you have a spare pair, I'd really make good use of them. Cheers :)
  9. radsone

    New: EarStudio HE100 High-Resolution Earphones

    We are excited to introduce HE100, High-Resolution Earphones! The earphones are the next EarStudio flagship after ES100, the best selling high-resolution Bluetooth receiver. We’ve been preparing for earphones that match ES100’s performance to deliver the complete user experience. Even though...
  10. A

    Need help with wireless earphones under 100$

    I'm about to buy the oneplus 7 pro and I was thinking of buying the bullet wireless 2 but I just wanted to know if there's any better alternative in the same price range. I'm a total noob and would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
  11. lostone88

    Best Earphones for portable use with Ibasso dx90 player

    Need robust earphones that can take a beating (sweat and what not) when i go bike riding. Price range £50-150.. Mostly listen to heavy metal/rock/soner-rock/grunge. I like pandora hope iv for my main hi fi and I had the HIFIMAN RE-600 Songbird and liked that but broke. Like the look of the...
  12. iBo0m

    Acoustune HS1695TI / HS1655CU impressions.

    Hello! I've heard from Acoustune that their new "reference" flagship HS1695TI along with HS1655CU are planned to be released during August. However, both models were already part of a few local audio exhibitions. Can anyone who was lucky to try the HS1695TI share some thoughts – I suppose that...
  13. QIN Addie

    Small and light portable music: Adorer Earphones

    When are you listening to music? I believe that most people, whether they are on their way to work, reporting in cafes, hanging out on the street, or exercising, must listen to music. Adorer headphones may be your best choice Adorer M1 Graphene Enhanced Drivers in Ear Headphones Adorer's...
  14. Z

    Final E4000 or Ibasso IT01 ?

    Hi all, I need to choose between those two. I listen Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, and i like clear bass. Maybe others models in same price ? Can you help me please?
  15. hifi80sman

    1More Triple Driver BT In-Ear

    Don't see much about these on the forum. I just picked them up for $79 (original retail $199) and I have to say, these are really good. I found the wired Triple Driver IEM, out of the box, doesn't sound the greatest; it's a little bloated in the high-bass/low-mid area and lacks some air, so it...
  16. VJJB N30

    VJJB N30

    Published specs: - Drivers: 2 DD + 1 BA - Sensitivity: 96dB - Impedance: 20ohm - Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 24000 Hz - Cable lenght: 1.2m (MMCX Connectors) - Plug Type: Straight gold plated 3.5 mm jack
  17. D

    Looking for neutral-sounding IEMs for around $200

    Before I start, I have read many other forums, and I am aware at this point that neutral is a very subjective term. So far in my audiophile experience, the most neutral I have heard is the AKG K550s and I absolutely love them. I'm mainly looking for the most transparent/clear sound I can get for...
  18. 4

    Is it worth upgrading from Etymotic MK5 to ER3XR?

    With a good source I would expect this to be a decent upgrade in sound quality but currently I am only using a Fiio M3K so I'm wondering if with a cheap source like this the upgrade would be worth it?
  19. S

    Which of these earphones should I get?

    So, I have managed to find 5 earphones (IEM and buds) that I can get at a very similar price point and here they are: Sennheiser Momentum In-ear G Sennheiser IE40 Pro Shure SE215 1MORE Triple Driver In-ear Pioneer CH9T They would primarily serve me to listen to music on my LG G7 which features...
  20. chiila

    UCOTECH Premium Earbuds ES-P1

    UCOTECH ES-P1 *Brass Housing *160Ω Double Dome Dynamic *MMCX type cable(Cable Info : OFC 99.999% Ag coating 8core) Type : Open Air Dynamic Driver Units : Φ14.8mm New Double Dome Impedance : 160Ω ± 15% Weight : 8g (with cable 42g) UCOTECH's patent (Double Dome) This product is being...
  21. F

    LG G7 ThinQ for TinAudio T2 earphones - does it make sense?

    Ok first of all I know an absolute f***all about the whole audio equipment thing so sorry if I'll sound ignorant. Anyway. I'm kinda inclined on buying the phone LG G7 Thinq. I like to listen to music a lot and I've heard some hype about its 'Quad DAC' or whatever, saying it sounds better than...
  22. Symphonium Audio Mirage

    Symphonium Audio Mirage

    This is Symphonium Audio's entry level offering. But don't let it fool you, there's nothing entry level about it. From the ground up, it was designed to provide strong punchy bass without sacrificing the clarity and precision that balanced armature's are known for. The result? Mirage. Mirage...
  23. joshnor713

    [SOLD] Sennheiser IE 800, Original Owner, Great Condition

    I purchased this set of Sennheiser IE 800 (not the latest "S" version!) a couple years ago from Sonic Electronix (an authorized Sennheiser dealer). They've been carefully used; never used in a location like a beach where particles could get in the vent holes (refer to the pic below that shows...
  24. MrOTL

    Hidition 'Violet' 11 BA drivers Custiomized in-ear monitor

    Hidition Violet # Type: Customized in-ear monitor # Frequency response : 10-19,500hz # Sensitivity: 108db # Impedance: 27ohm # Transducer: 11 BA drivers 4 Ways (Super tweeter 4BA, tweeter 1BA. Mid 2BA. Low 4BA) # Feature: One single air-duct (each pairs) Official website...
  25. Otto Motor

    General IEM Measurements Discussions

    MANDATE This thread is dedicated to frequency responses (and other) measurements of earphones by any Head-Fi member, using any technique and/or software! It also serves the discussion of rig setup and equipment such as couplers, microphones etc. It further encourages the discussion and exchange...