1. ddHiFi TC44Pro E2

    ddHiFi TC44Pro E2

  2. ddHiFi M120B

    ddHiFi M120B

  3. ddHifi TC35 Pro Eye 2

    ddHifi TC35 Pro Eye 2

  4. ddHiFi BC150B Headphone Upgrade Cable

    ddHiFi BC150B Headphone Upgrade Cable

    119.99 USD for both types of 3.5mm and HD 600 pins 134.99 USD for HD 800 and Focal Utopia connectors Can be purchased on ddHiFi's AliExpress Store or distributors such as HiFiGo
  5. ddHiFi TC44A

    ddHiFi TC44A

  6. L

    between ligtning dacs, which one do you recommend? ddhifi tc44a / ddhifi tc35pro / audirect atom 2 / fiio ka1-ka2

    I am planning planning to buy tanchjim darling and I use apple music on iphone so I can say that I am a daily user. I listen to rock music and I want a musical warm/colored enjoyment. I want something that is really compact and I dont want extra cables. Which dac would you recommend to get a...
  7. ddHiFi TC44C

    ddHiFi TC44C

    TC44C (Blue) USB DAC Amp with 4.4mm and 3.5mm Dual Outputs
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    New Gear from ddHiFi arrives at Audio46!

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  9. notaris

    Review ddHiFi TC35B

    Review ddHiFi TC35B Top quality, great sound! Introduction Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., aka ddHiFi, is a young company, established in 2017, specializing in the design and making of audiophile products, in particular, DACs, cables, earphones and accessories. The founder of...
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  11. DDHiFi TC05

    DDHiFi TC05

    USB Type C OTG Cable from DDHiFi. Available with straight or L-shaped plugs.
  12. ddHiFi C-2020 Carrying Case

    ddHiFi C-2020 Carrying Case

    C-2020 carrying case from ddHiFi for portable hi-fi equipment Dimensions: approx. 24 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm Weight: approx. 410 g (without strap)
  13. ddHiFi TC44B

    ddHiFi TC44B

  14. Audio46

    NEW: Ultrasone, Effect Audio, and More

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of all the brands we carry We've got the limited edition Ultrasone Edition 15 Veritas as well as... Effect Audio AKA Balance Adapter for Astell & Kern CODE 51 Grandioso Virtuoso Maestro (See Effect Audio Collection for everything) TOPPING D90 DX7s E30 NX4...
  15. ddHiFi TC35B USB Type-C USB-C DAC

    ddHiFi TC35B USB Type-C USB-C DAC

    Specs: USB Codec: ALC5686 THD+N: < -92dB DNR: > 110dB SNR: > 120dB Output Power: 30mW@32ohms Drive Ability: 16-200ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 KHz PCM Sampling Rate Support: Up to 32bit/384KHz Weight: 6g Dimensions: 18.8 x 11.2 x 10.2 mm (excluding Type-C plug)