General Information


USB Codec: ALC5686

THD+N: < -92dB

DNR: > 110dB

SNR: > 120dB

Output Power: 30mW@32ohms

Drive Ability: 16-200ohms

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 KHz

PCM Sampling Rate Support: Up to 32bit/384KHz

Weight: 6g

Dimensions: 18.8 x 11.2 x 10.2 mm (excluding Type-C plug)

Latest reviews

Pros: Small size.
Solid build.
Better sound than most 3.5mm phone outputs.
Cons: Can't use to play music with wired charging.
Still something extra to carry around.
Disclaimer: None, I purchased this. No discount received for a review.


Many newer cell phones lack a headphone output. Something many people miss; from the casual listener that just enjoys being able to music on their phones, to the more serious audiophiles :) . I know I did.

The first solution I tried was the prolific and oft recommended Apple USB-C dongle. The ultra thin connecting cord and lower volume output on my Android phone lead me to look for another, better solution.

I decided that I wanted a compact and more robust solution to my lack of a 3.5mm output. I did some searching and reading several threads/reviews across several sites to narrow down my options. Amongst those was the TC35B.


It looked good to me, at least 'on paper'. So I ordered one to try.

A neat feature is this unit passes through the microphone signal. Volume control as well, if the headphones or cable connected is CTIA compliant.


Definitely the smallest USB-C DAC I could find. It appears robust and has a nice heft to it in hand. The stainless body and brass faceplate contrasts nicely and look premium.


For this short review I will be using the TC35B with a TinHifi T2 Plus IEM on a Pixel 3 XL. The comparisons will be to my old Samsung Galaxy S5's 3.5mm output.

Do take note that I have not used a DAP or any other portable amp solutions at this time.


I found the TC35B to present a better dynamic range. Like having a TV that has 'darker' blacks which improves the contrast of its picture. With no other drawbacks, this alone makes it a good buy in my opinion.

Bass extension and quantity was slightly better. Probably due to more power to control the dynamic driver.

Mids were clean with no bleed. Transparency and clarity was very good.

Treble had no additional emphasis that I noticed (spikes, etc). Just clean, clear sound.

There was no change in the quantity of the mids or treble but the additional power may have provided more control. Bass quality was also probably better but these are light on bass to begin with. I did not spend the time (potentially an hour or more) to try and pin down any minute differences.

Overall I find it to be a neutral DAC with perhaps a hint of warmth. Although that could just be the increased dynamic range it does present compared to the lower powered Galaxy S5's 3.5mm output.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone else looking for a compact and robust solution to having a 3.5mm output. One that isn't wireless or requires charging separately.


Note: There is even a TC35I with lightening connector for apple users. It should work the same but I can't verify as I don't have either.
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Never liked the Dragonfly much, so I’ll try this. Help me find an American retailer
The issue with audio is we all share different perceptions. One might say the Dragonfly makes the iPhone sound so much butter, but I say it barely made any difference (tried both Red & Black). Now a real breakthrough improvement in audio came when I tried the Chord Mojo. That was a game changer, where I noticed a significant improvement over the iPhone’s built-in DAC.

No idea how the ddHiFi TC35 compares with the Mojo.
I've never heard the Mojo so I couldn't say. Given the form factor, I doubt this approaches what the Mojo can do.

Yes, it's better than most phones 3.5mm output. But no it's not going to be better than much more serious self powered DAC/AMP units.
Pros: Small, solid build, looks great, a noticeably improved volume and sound. Microphone and remote work with it in.
Cons: honestly nothing
This was a good step up in sound quality and quantity of volume for such a tiny Micro DAC I was impressed. Comes in eco friendly packaging that is very nice looking to.

The build quality is a 10 out of 10, so solid and light yet very premium looking and feels solid IMO. The device supports a remote with microphone too a big plus.

Conclusion: Very simply put another great looking and useful product from ddHiFi. I doubt you will find a better or smaller alternative to the many dongle DAC's out now.


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@Jacobal ??? It HAS to be a DAC, it's converting digital signal into analog signal to drive your transducer.
So if it’s an actual DAC and contains a legit DAC chip to improve audio, I’ll consider buying it
I hopeful they will sound pretty decent. Just wanted something more compact to use when I don't have the luxury of bringing my Hip DAC around


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