dan clark audio aeon 2 closed
  1. Lyssky

    Please Lend me Your Support!! DC Audio Aeon 2 Closed or Audeze LCD-XC comparison

    Hello to everyone, I am writing from Turkey. And I need your support on choosing my next closed headphone. There are some reasons why I started a thread for this; 1) I live in Turkey, I don’t have much opportunity to audition most of the headphones that are considered high end or mid end. That...
  2. sfviahouston

    Aeon 2 Closed - Amp/Dac recommendation?

    I have the new Aeon 2 closed being delivered next week and looking for some guidance on Dac/amp. My primary objective is getting enough power to the headphones to allow for optimal sound. I’m planning to use my iPhone/iPad as the source (Spotify/LivePhish). I can go either way between a...
  3. MattTCG

    Aeon 2 closed Impressions and Discussion

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed (A2c) First things first. There is a name change today. MrSpeakers is now Dan Clark Audio (more on this later under the interview section. I’ve written this review over the past three days with a bad head cold, so please excuse typos and other errors. When I...
  4. Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 closed

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 closed

    This is a portable/transportable closed planar magnetic headphone from the team at Dan Clark Audio.