dan clark audio aeon 2 closed
  1. Lyssky

    Please Lend me Your Support!! DC Audio Aeon 2 Closed or Audeze LCD-XC comparison

    Hello to everyone, I am writing from Turkey. And I need your support on choosing my next closed headphone. There are some reasons why I started a thread for this; 1) I live in Turkey, I don’t have much opportunity to audition most of the headphones that are considered high end or mid end. That...
  2. lramirez1959

    SOLD Reduced Price Aeon Flow 2 Closed + Arctic Cable 5' 3.5mm

    Reduced Price: 675.00 Includes shipping to CONUS; paypal fee on buyer Shipping to Europe available, extra shipping charges depending on location In Excellent condition, like new Less than 10 hours listening time In original box Original accessories included Includes Arctic Cable 5' 3.5mm Selling...
  3. bezae

    [FS] Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed version

    Hi, I'm selling my A2C. I'm the original owner, purchased them back in December through Electromod UK. Timestamp included. They sound terrific and perfect to use as work headphones due to its portability. I just haven't been using them regularly to justify keeping them, I end up going back to...
  4. brintamatic

    Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 Closed

    MINT Condition Aeon 2 Closed purchased from Moon Audio. I bought these because my wife complained of the audio bleed from my open Audeze LCD-X. She is now regretting it because she says it's too quiet. Women... $800 Shipped to Cont. US. I am at the office so I will post pictures when I get home.
  5. sfviahouston

    Aeon 2 Closed - Amp/Dac recommendation?

    I have the new Aeon 2 closed being delivered next week and looking for some guidance on Dac/amp. My primary objective is getting enough power to the headphones to allow for optimal sound. I’m planning to use my iPhone/iPad as the source (Spotify/LivePhish). I can go either way between a...
  6. MattTCG

    Aeon 2 closed Impressions and Discussion

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed (A2c) First things first. There is a name change today. MrSpeakers is now Dan Clark Audio (more on this later under the interview section. I’ve written this review over the past three days with a bad head cold, so please excuse typos and other errors. When I...
  7. Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 closed

    Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 closed

    This is a portable/transportable closed planar magnetic headphone from the team at Dan Clark Audio.