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  1. Apos Audio

    The FiiO K9 DAC/Amp is now available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Here's some good news from FiiO we'd like to share with the community. We are now carrying the FiiO K9 DAC/Amp. It is up for pre-ordering right now and the first order will be fulfilled by March 30th. This little brother of the K9 Pro is also a powerhouse when it comes to delivering...
  2. N

    Headphone amp/dac recommendation

    I bought the massdrop Focal ELEX headphones in which I need a really good amp/dac recommendation: Requirements: 1. Balanced amplifier 2. 4 pin XLR headphone output (no adapters) - Bought replacement headphone cable with 4.4mm 3. No tubes 5. Something designed in last several years (otherwise...
  3. bassheadnewbie

    Bass Booster Portable DAC/Amp Under $200

    A few days ago, I had sold my hipdac v1. And maybe now I'm looking for a replacement for hipdac v1, is there any suggestion? Since I am a basshead, the port 4.4mm and extra bass feature is very useful for me. Thanks
  4. SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    Includes USB Lead, Remote Control, Mains Lead. 2.6 W over 16 Ohms. 4.4 and 6.35 headphone output jacks. RCA unbalanced TRS balanced line out. Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC/AptX HD, SBC, AAC, USB 1 and 2 (Software Driver required for Windows) 2 Gain modes - Low 0 dB High 11 dB ES9038Q2M...
  5. Apos Audio

    TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, We’re thrilled to announce the release of the TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp on Apos Audio. This hi-def unit features classic TOPPING architecture in a portable package. Enjoy 24-bit Bluetooth, 32-bit PCM, and incredibly low noise (<0.00009% THD+N). it’s an ideal unit for audiophiles and...
  6. AuneAudio

    aune X1s GT Bluetooth edition is here!

    X1s GT DAC with headphone amplifier, the 8th gen and the milestone of the classic aune X1 series The Bluetooth edition NOW AVAILABLE! ☞ http://en.auneaudio.com/index.php?s=Home/Article/detail/id/59.html ☞ Price: 349 EUR ☞ Find your local distributors here...
  7. AuneAudio

    New Release | aune BU2 DAC with Headphone Amplifier | Simply Great Sounding.

    BU2, the DAC with headphone amp that satisfies your ears. ☞ Details: http://en.auneaudio.com/index.php?s=Home/Article/detail/id/514.html ☞ Price: 299 USD ☞ Find your local distributors: http://en.auneaudio.com/Home/Article/lists/category/68.html
  8. squadgazzz

    Balanced DAC/AMP combo for planars

    Hello, community! I need your help again :smile_phones: Currently, I'm a happy owner of IFI iDSD micro BL + iUSB 3.0 with Audeze LCD-2C, Modhouse Argon Mk3 and CFA Cascade. I love a spacious, warm, but still detailed signature of iDSD BL+iUSB 3.0, but my BL has burned out while using it in Turbo...
  9. Topping DX7 PRO

    Topping DX7 PRO

    The TOPPING DX7 Pro DAC/Amp is an upgrade on their DX7s. The DX7 Pro adds to the already quality specs of the DX7s with the ESS flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, an IIS input and a 4.4mm balanced output. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 functionality and support LDAC HD audio, aptX and aptX HD audio...
  10. tempest0000

    Need some advice for a balanced IEMs and a DAC+AMP

    Hey everyone, this is my first ever thread since I joined here and I'm still a newb at all this so please excuse the mistakes and point them out to me thank you. Been looking at some new/refurb condition balanced IEMs for under £200 but can push the budget for about £50 more but ideally looking...
  11. M

    dac+/amp for HE-560 & others

    Hello currently I have a HifiMan HE-560 with 4pin xlr cable. I had using them directly from my pc sound card, but I don't like how they sound and I decided to get some dac+/amp. I'm looking for a dac/amp or dac+amp that will have 4pin xlr and 1/4 connectors. I have viewed some: amp/dac...
  12. Soekris Dac 1541  High End Discrete R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC HeadAmp

    Soekris Dac 1541 High End Discrete R-2R Sign Magnitude DAC HeadAmp

    Available in kit form or ready made from the Soekris Shop. R2R Technology has had a cult following since it's inception in the earliest of CD Players and the first ever DAC and is a feature of some of the most highly specced and priced DACs on the market. The Soekris line is amongst the most...
  13. theminstrel

    Swimming before I could walk

    Hi Head Fi-ers I'm a relatively recent convert to the high-fidelity creed I've just ordered the JDS Labs O2+ODAC using some money gifted to me on Christmas, to use with my computer. I know they'll drive all of my phones well & are considered a great buy for the money The trouble is, I've never...
  14. E

    Serious Neutral IEM + portable DAC/AMP combinations?

    Hello distinguished audiophiles. I put my Sony XBA-H3s through the washing machine, so now I am in the market for a good pair of IEMs and, in addition, a good DAC amplifier that complement them. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. The XBA-H3s were fun to listen to, but they were...
  15. AndyDandy

    XiangSheng DAC-05A thoughts?

    I'm curious if anyone has any impressions, thoughts or opinions about it. It retails on average for $250. Here are some of its specifications: Single Dimensions: width 330mm, depth 220mm, height 70mm Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz SNR: general port output: 110dB Harmonic...
  16. headpfizer

    Help me choose an AMP/DAC

    Hello Head-fi, I am looking to buy an amp/dac combo. I'm currently struggling to decide between the Schiit Jotunheim (with DAC module) and Audio-Gd NFB 28.38. The price difference between the two does not concern me. I'm open to other suggestions in a similar price range ($500 - $1000 ish). I'm...
  17. AndyDandy

    Is the Audiolab m-dac still relevant in 2017?

    It has the ESS9018 chip, a class A amp and XLR outs. It has won many awards as well. However, this unit is from 2010. Does it have competitors that nowadays outperform it (within the Audiolab m-dac price range)?
  18. lcasadonte

    Best Headphone Amp/Dac for Work with Coax Optical In and Balanced Out

    I haven't really seen this asked before. I notice lots of high quality amps/dacs/combos lack coax in. I want to use my FIIO X5ii as a transport into a higher end desktop amp/dac for work. I bought a lynx hilo and love it so much I'm not going to take it to work and am looking for another one...