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Need some advice for a balanced IEMs and a DAC+AMP

  1. tempest0000
    Hey everyone, this is my first ever thread since I joined here and I'm still a newb at all this so please excuse the mistakes and point them out to me thank you.

    Been looking at some new/refurb condition balanced IEMs for under £200 but can push the budget for about £50 more but ideally looking for IEMs under £200
    Ones I've found and like the look of are :
    • Shure SE425
    • Etymotic ER3-SE
    • Oriveti New Primacy
    • BGVP DM6
    • 1MORE Quad Driver
    • MEE audio Pinnacle P1
    • FiiO FH5

    The DAC+AMPs I've been looking at for under £200 budget can also be pushed for about £50 more and can also be in used/refurb condition are:
    • AudioQuest DragonFly
    • Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE
    • Audiolab M-DAC NANO
    • Audiolab M-DAC Mini
    • iFi Audio Nano iDSD
    • SONY PHA1A
    • iFi Audio xDSD
    • FiiO Q5
    Also had a look at some DAPs too still unsure about them though, ones I've had a look at:
    • PIONEER XDP-100R
    • ASTELL & KERN AK70
    • FiiO X7

    Not too sure what to get which is why I'm asking for some advice on these,

    Thank you
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
  2. mattiav
    1. What music do you listen to?
    2. Do you know what kind of sound preference you have in terms of headphone tuning?
    3. A lot of the better DAPs can be used as DAC/Amp setups. What’s your main use case? Mobile? Laptop? Desktop? What do you want to drive, only the IEM or also full-sized headphones?
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  3. tempest0000
    1. Mix of rock, pop, hip hop and J-pop
    2. Not sure
    3. My main use will be on my laptop and phone when I'm out so a portable DAC/Amp or even a DAP is what my looking for don't really mind carrying a DAP or DAC/Amp out cause I always bring a bag with me anyway, and yeah only IEM don't really want a full sized headphone anymore.

  4. buke9
    The only ones you listed on iems that I have is the Quad Drivers. Though I like iem’s haven’t went all out on them as I prefer headphones a bit more. So I will say they sound pretty good as they do and have several KZ’s with some some older Sennheisers and they hold their own.
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  5. mattiav
    If you can afford the iFi xDSD, I think it could be a very good solution - high quality DAC, small, pretty light, plenty powerful for driving an IEM (or most headphones), and as a bonus, it works as a Bluetooth DAC/receiver in conjunction with your phone when on the go.

    Can’t really recommend an IEM in your price bracket - I’ll let others comment on that front.
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
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  6. tempest0000
    Ok no problem
    Thanks for your help though I think that just assured me of buying the iFi xDSD it's gonna be a used one for my budget cause there's someone selling it on here that's shipping to UK
  7. tempest0000
    Can I just ask why you bought them just for reference cause it might help me decide which one I will go for

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