1. R

    Very faint buzzing sound in hifiman sundara ?

    I just got a pair of sundaras and they sound fine. Never had a planar before so it's a fun experience to listen to one, But I notixed that if I turn up the volume I can hear a faint buzzing sound when they are playing sound. THis seems fairly normal when taking into consideration how a planar...
  2. shadowOak

    Buzzing/hum problem

    Moved to a new apartment, newly built complex. Getting buzzing/hum(60hz hum?) coming through both my speakers and headphone amp(through the headphones). Turning the volume up makes the buzzing louder on both. Buzzing happens regardless of having an input or not. It is bad enough that I have not...
  3. J

    Combo Audio Jack Laptop Acer Aspire A717 72G

    Hello everyone, thank you for opening my topic. Now my situation is quite confusing to me and I would love to hear some words of advice. About a week ago I had purchased a new laptop ( model in the title ), as I plan to not use my desktop anymore. It has a combo audio jack. I had bought...
  4. R

    Sennheiser GameOne buzzing

    I've recently bought the GameOnes and they were buzzing at certain bass frequencies.I've removed the inner red mesh and the buzzing stopped.I replaced them and the new ones did the same thing. It's also happening to a friend of mine.When i remove the inner mesh the buzzing completely stops.Are...
  5. A

    buzzing/flapping sound hd650

    Hey guys i have a very specific problem. Basically, I own the hd650 and JDS lab the element AMP/DAC. So at first I started noticing a buzzing noise in the right ear cup when the bass goes low and loud, after hours of trying to figure out the problem I found out by opening the grills and pressing...
  6. TheBIGKill1998

    Little Dot 1+ Buzzing Problem

    Hello fellow Head-fiers! I recently got a used little dot 1+ ver. 3.0 from ebay. Voshkods tubes were included (of course i use em). Everything is fine and im very happy with its sound, but there is one problem now... there is a very audible buzzing in the background. It is extremely audible...