Combo Audio Jack Laptop Acer Aspire A717 72G
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Jul 14, 2019
Hello everyone, thank you for opening my topic. Now my situation is quite confusing to me and I would love to hear some words of advice.
About a week ago I had purchased a new laptop ( model in the title ), as I plan to not use my desktop anymore.
It has a combo audio jack. I had bought 4PAVm/2x3.5z type 1 cable in order to connect my headphones and line in signal from my amp D.I cable which has digital/analog converter at the end.
So I placed my headphone cable and line in cable into that cable that I bought, which lead them directly into the combo audio jack.
The result was that I was able to hear me playing bass, but there was one really annoying buzzing sound which was constant. I've taken a note that when I remove the ac adapter from laptop, so it runs on battery power, the noise disappears. But what has happened, when I had return ac adapter on, after a minute the sounds from buzzing, and my playing have both disappeared. I had tried reconnecting the cable but it didn't work.
I've also taken the 4PAVm/2x3.5z type 2 cable, but I cannot hear anything with it either. For the matter of fact, even if i try connecting line in, or microphone from my other pair of headphones directly into the combo jack, it doesn't get registered by my laptop.
Mic is not muted/disabled, I did run troubleshoot and checked lots of things.
Am I supposed to look for some different cable, or am I supposed to carry my laptop to be technically checked with warranty and all that?
And if I get to hear my playing again with that type 1 cable, how can I remove that buzzing sound? or should I try some different type of connection?
I'm aware that sound card would do a good job, but I would rather delay that purchase for a little bit longer.

Any input, advice, or comment is appreciated in advance.
Have a lovely day!

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