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    Connecting multiple portable amps? Is this heresy?

    So I'm relatively new to this hobby (less than a year in). I'm trying all sorts of combos. Is this allowed? Or am I gonna burn something? Spoiler it sounds great! We have a BTR5 connected via LDAC to my android phone which is on max volume. The BTR5 is on high gain, max volume and is...
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    Troubleshooting FiiO M11 Pro - Questions (and Review)

    I just got the FiiO M11 Pro in the mail today and, I'm not going to lie, I'm somehow a mix of excited and underwhelmed. This is my first DAP, I did hours of research and narrowed it down between the M11 and M11 Pro. Go big or go home, right? Long story short, I've got this $650 DAP and I'm...
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    FiiO BTR5 with Apple products

    I just got the FiiO BTR5 in the mail today - first impressions from this beginner audiophile are that it’s a powerful little guy. Unfortunately, I’m quickly realizing that it’s somewhat limited in its performance when paired with Apple products (iPhone 8 and 2017 iMac). Don’t get me wrong, it...
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