1. 304608377

    Old logitech x530 speakers too many dust going to buy a new speaker

    Hi guys, My old x530 has been used for many many years and I recently going to move to a new apartment and The speaker is covered with gross dust too lazy to clean them. So Im going to buy a new speaker. Anyone here please help me to decide which one to go to 2.0 or 2.1? I currently is checking...
  2. S

    Astell & Kern-70 DAP + Bowers & Wilkins P9 headphones

    After much reading i pretty much decided to buy Astell & Kern-70 DAP and B&W P9 headphones. Does anyone own this gear? Can anyone tell me if it´s a good combination? Does anyone have experiences of Pioneer XDP-30? Does AK-70 sound better then Pioneer XDP-30? Thanks
  3. R

    B&W P9 vs Fostex TH-900

    Hey guys, I know these two headphones aren't really meant to be everyday items but I'm really sick of crappy gym music and having to listen to crappy earbuds when studying at the library, so I've narrowed it down to just these two closed back audiophile headphones. Now I love clarity and...
  4. [No title]

    [No title]

  5. Rossatron

    looking for new Headphones, budget is $300

    hey everyone,   i'm looking for a new set of headphones). my current ones are in-ear sennheiser cx500, which I know are not headphones, but given the improvement in the portable headphones field, i thought i could get myself a good pair.    please note: the headphones should be "glasses...
  6. Ultimate Audio

    Bowers&Wilkins P7 vs Sony Pulse Wireless Elite Headset ?

    I have sony xb500 ,sony pulse ,pioneer se mj5 , bose ie, bose ie2 , but until now i never heard so good sound quality and so deep deep sub bass like in the sony pulse elite ,i think every basshead on the planet must try this cans and i mean, stuning performance , ok now i have a question: do u...
  7. pearljam5000

    What are the best speakers in the world?

    there are so many speakers and speaker companies out there,it's damn confuisng. what are the best speakers currently available?i ofcourse will not be able to afford them...but it's nice to dream.
  8. Whoomie

    Bowers & Wilkins P3

    So anyone heard of these yet? Rumor has it the sound quality is better than P5 and the bass is very sweet. Size is smaller than the big brother and they can be folded into smaller size for dragging along?
  9. IV10K

    Bowers And Walkins VS Bang And Olufsen

    Hello Everyone I'm wondering which better Bowers And Walkins Or Bang And Olufsen As In: -Home Theater -Car Audio Thanks
  10. rexdog101

    Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear

    Hey guys,   Just writing to see if anyone has heard these headphones? for my portable audio, I'm currently using the Klipsch S4i's which were a decent buy. Now just trying to see if its worth upgrading to something these new B&W In-ears?   Thanks!
  11. King Alekay

    Bowers & Wilkins over-the-ear headphones

    When will B&W release over-the-ear headphones and how much will they cost?
  12. mobius5

    Home-Theater Replacement Phones

    Hey folks, having to move forced me to get rid of my 5.1 setup, and buying a new set is not an option. So I've been looking at over-ear headphones to see what might fit the bill. These will primarily be used with Blu-ray movies, some games, only occasional music listening. How they perform with...
  13. YoengJyh

    Bowers & Wilkins MM1 vs Focal-xs, Which is the best?

    Hi Guys, i would like to purchase either MM1 or Focal-xs as my PC speaker.   Could u advise? Which is the best?   No bookshelf speakers or other alternatives.. Thanks!
  14. derbigpr

    HD650....and, are all headphones a big rip-off?

    I don't know how to begin this thread without starting a headphones vs speakers war (which is not my intention)...I guess I'm just gonna have to ask it.  Are headphones a big rip-off in terms of what you get and what you pay for?  I always heard people saying that headphones compared to...
  15. PhoxHound

    Headphones for a total basshead

    Hey all! It's been quite a while since I've been on Head-Fi, but once again I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones. For a long time I've been using my beloved Bowers-Wilkins 686 desktop speakers for my main audio setup, but due to college-related moving I'll be without them for a significant...
  16. A

    Bowers & Wilkins P7 - over the ear headphones

    Have you seen this? I just hope the way too dark sound from the little brothers is gone :)
  17. Greg121986

    Maverick TubeMagic A1 and bookshelf speakers?

    Hi all. I am new to hi-fi audio and just trying to get my foot in the door with a decent system, but my budget is slightly limited. I have a few questions about the Maverick Audio TubeMagic A1. I am considering it to start my headphone setup. I wonder if the TubeMagic A1 will power a pair of...
  18. DjAmTraX

    Will B&W make a pair of serious headphones?

    Most audiophile may agree with me that the P5 by B&W is a toy for Apple fanboys.  I know I will get a lot of crap from P5 owners.  Do you guys think that the P5 was just to test the headphones market and B&W will get serious and come out with a REAL B&W headphones?  
  19. fella

    Anyone heard both B&W p5s and the Phiaton MS400s?

    Just wondering if anyone has compared them.  Don't care if you've heard that one is better than the other, looking for personal experience.  
  20. BenjaminGraham

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphone

    My wife picked up the Bowers & Wilkins P5's for me yesterday, and I'm in love (with the wife too). I'm a fan of B&Ws speakers and actually own a pair of low end bookshelf 685's but I never expected to prefer the P5's over a number of my other cans (Grado RS1 / AKG k701 / and Denon D5000)...
  21. Dyn4m1c95

    b&w p5 or Altec Lansing inMotion MIX iMT800

    I am talking purely of sound nothing and I mean nothing else which sounds better?
  22. bmichael

    B&W P5 Replacement Cord Warning

    The iPhone remote cord of my P5s wore out. I caught it on too many things walking around the city, basically. I emailed customer service, and they agreed to send one out to me ASAP, which was great. Great customer service! I just wanted to point out that if the headphones hadn't been under...
  23. 2rooi123

    Is bowers wilkins p5 all that??

    I wanna hear from reputable headfiers with experience on these if these are worth it considering build quality,design,comfort,portability, and most importantly sound. need your advice asap so i can decide. thanks
  24. big jake

    B&W P5, ATH ES10 or shure srh 840????? . help!!!!!

    I'm trying to decide on which headphone to buy to use with mp3. The above are the ones I've shortlisted but I'm quite open-minded.(as I haven't a clue really!).  I can get the P5 and es10's for roughly the same price, the 840's obviously alot cheaper.  I've been able to listen to the p5 but...
  25. 2rooi123

    Is B&W p5 worth it?

    Anyone own these cans? Are they worth it?