1. CrucifixationOfFaith

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT220

    The technical as the visual condition of the phones is very good. Without the original box.
  2. Foolish Mortal

    HD650 / HD600 / DT880 / DT220 / AD700 / SB Sigma / Cardas Cable / O2 / Mod Mic

    *Price Drops *Added photos of O2   Hi all. I'm thinning out a bunch of headphones I've been auditioning. The following list is what I have for sale.   Just a note about these headphones. They are all in excellent condition. I am clean and I keep my stuff clean. All my headphones get...
  3. Dreded

    A yet another 'neutral' closed can thread. Slight twist though

    So after being a lurker here since what seems like forever, soaking in all the info I could, I'm committing myself to finally get a good set cans.   Looking for a closed set which would serve a couple of purposes.   First, I'm a student studying digital media- sound is a big part of it...
  4. jmarsiglio

    Ultrasone HFI-580 any good for first good headphone?

    Hey everyone, it's my first post here and my first headphone purchase (soon). I'm looking for a well priced ( < $300 ) closed headphone (can be used) for listening to music on my ipod touch 2G and my computer. This means I will NOT be using an amp. Typically I listen to genres such as GOA/psycho...
  5. Punnisher

    Just bought vintage Beyer dt220

    Total impulse buy. Anyway, what should I expect? I read a couple good things online before I got them but I really like the look of them. There's hardly any information on head-fi about them from my search.
  6. richbass

    DT 220 vs ATH-M50s

    Which one is better for hip-hop and psytrance ? Thanks
  7. sigfurt

    Beyerdynamic DT220 drivers

    Hi. I've had a pair of Beyerdynamic DT220s for a month or so. Been using an AUNE DAC/Amp. This worked fine but I wanted more of the lower frequencies. When i installed a pair of OPA627BPs I discovered a vibrating noise or a resonance in the left phone. I saw a hair going right through the thin...
  8. blackz88

    [HELP] Which Earphones? UE Super Fi 4/CX 500/RE 2/UE Metro Fi 220

    Hello   Im thinking of buying a new set of IEMs   My current ones are: Skull Candy Ink'd   After listening through my friends CX 300 II, ive decided that i needed a new set since the sound was MUCH BETTER I loved the bass but i think it was a bit too much   Currently i See...
  9. Punnisher

    Beyer dt220, any fans?

    Last year I bought a pair of dt220 (400ohm) and was so impressed that I decided to buy an identical pair from the same seller. These are from the 70s/80s so they are quite old. Eventually I tried them with my tube amp and it was the biggest night/day difference I've ever experienced in terms...
  10. Peter_S

    Ming Da MC 84C07 Power Question - 220/10 - Please Help

    Hello to any of you current or former 84C07 users.   I just bought an 84C07 used here on Head-Fi, and one thing is perplexing me.  The power specifications on the back say 220V/50Hz - in two locations - once on the transformer and once above the IEC socket.  The photo on the Pacific Valve...
  11. Beyerdynamic DT220

    Beyerdynamic DT220

    The Beyerdynamic DT220 is a strange headphone. Nobody quite knows when production ended, but there have been ads for them dating back to the late '70's. They are studio headphones. Other than the ad, there is pretty much no information about them to be found other than a few Head-Fier's opinions.